i can't help it cause i love him

Ashley and her friends go on their first trip and they have no idea they will find in love Genean admits it she's in love but ashley has had trouble with love will she fall or will she run away from love. who will they fall for?
so this is my first fan fiction so its not gonna be the best i have many mistakes sorry but ill try my best to make it a good fan fiction. enjoy


1. Introduction

so my name is Ashley Mia Peralez I'm turning 17 this year.  i have 3 best friends Genean, Melissa and Jasmine. i can trust them with anything except my love life because try to hide my emotions all the time. this year i wanna make the best out of it. most of the time i do gymnastics and horse back riding. one activity me and my friends do together ids stalk one direction at it would be a dream come true if i got to meet them but no one real knows what can happen in my crazy life.

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