i can't help it cause i love him

Ashley and her friends go on their first trip and they have no idea they will find in love Genean admits it she's in love but ashley has had trouble with love will she fall or will she run away from love. who will they fall for?
so this is my first fan fiction so its not gonna be the best i have many mistakes sorry but ill try my best to make it a good fan fiction. enjoy


4. hard to say good bye

Jasmines P.O.V

I was kind of upset i didn't get to see all the landmarks with the girls. Ashley and genean decided to stay till Ashley got her cast removed but I think they just wanted to stay because of the boys. Melissa didn't want to leave but her mom wouldn't let her stay any longer. So this was it Melissa and I had to go back home but we promised the boys we would be back for Christmas brake. So it wasent that bad. So befor we went back home we exchanged numbers visited some land marks and took many pics. Finally it was 2:30 we had to leave the boys, Ashley and genean took us to the airport we sat and waited for our flight to be called so 15 min befor we began to say good bye. First came louis who pretended to cry I gave him a hug and told him I would never forget him and he handed mea stuffed carrot he had been carring sice the morning. Then Harry he hugged me and playfully grabed my butt then he told my "I'll be waiting for the night" he winked at me and heade back to Louis. Then Zayn came up to me gave me a hug a kiss on the cheek and went to Louis and Harry who were still sayin bye to Melissa. Ashley handed me a few things like a jacket and my cell phone then she said bye with tears running down her cheeks. Genean wished me luck and hugged me. Lastly Liam came up to me and said he would miss me and then he left.

Ashley's P.O.V

 I was so upset my best friends were leaving. So like always I bagan to cry when I had to say bye to jasmine. When I got to we're Melissa stood I felt my heart sink she had to go as well I said bye gave her a hug and then I ran off to a corner. Where two warm arms wrap around me I turned around and cryed on zayns shoulder I beared my face in his chest and cryed. We bagan to walk back to the car every one was silent. I sat next to Niall cause I felt safe next to him. I leaned my head on his shoulder and fell asleep. When I woke up I was in my room I dint know how I got there. So I headed towards the kitchen were I found genean. We sat down and I told her all that had happened with Austin. she said" I'd never thought Austin would do something that cruel. So we decide to go out to dinner when genean got a phone call and I went To go change in to something more decent for going out to dinner.

Geneans P.O.V

I received a phone call from an unknown number so I picked up. Hello? I said and a familiar voice said yello!!! Genean it louis I wanted to know if you want to go out to dinner with me tommorow. I said "sure why not". He responded "ok tommorow at 8:00pm it's a date." a date omg I was going on a date with Louis tommilson. I knew I had to tell ashley becaus we would have to go shopping for an outfit. So I screamed ashleys name she came out of the closet wedding som pants and a black jack willis sweater. She asked wat the hell is wrong with you. I excitedly said I have a date with louis tommorow at 8! Her moth dropped and said omg we have to have a Slumber party genean and tomorrow we have to go shopping omg this is grate. Then it hit me wait Ashley what are you gonna do all alone tommorow? I can't leave you here alone. Calm down genean I can go over to the boys or I can stay up alone and watch some movies I'll be ok go on your date and enjoy it plz I've been keeping you from enjoying this trip.

Louis P.O.V

I was scared I got to admit she was so beautiful I just I had to get closer to her.so I asked Liam for he number. Then I was un sure if she would say yes or no so I went to Niall and asked him for advice but like always he said "just do it mate" then you'll know if she really likes you back. So I dial led her number and hoped she dint pick up but just when I was about to hang up a sweet voice said hello? I said yellow genean i wanted to know if you wanted to go out for dinner with me tommorow. She said sure why not and I responded ok tommorow at 8pm its a date. Then i hung up and went to my best mate Harry and I told him his face tured like stone but he didn't admmit it so I thought he also fancied her.so I thought maybe he just had to deal with me getting her when he asked me do you know what Ashley is gonna do tommorow when you and genean are on your date. I was surprised to here that from Harry I thought he liked genean. I think she's gonna be home alone Harry why? Just I thought maybe the boys and I could keep her companie or maybe she can come over. Or we can go to her he sugested I thought it was a wonderful idea since ashley wouldn't be able to do much so with her broken wrist.

Harry's p.o.v

 I hated to know Louis asked out the girl I liked but I thought if I couldn't be the boy in her life I would be the next big thing in her life I would be her best friend. So I order to accomplish that I would need Ashley to help me the sad part was the girls only had a week left till they removed ashleys cast and they would probably leave. So I ran out and told the boyswe had some cleaning to do cause I would Bering Ashley over tommorow since Louis and genean went on a date so Liam and I would clean the living room Niall and Luis would clean the bedrooms and zayn would clean the kitchen. So we got working by 10 we had cleaned all the house. So we decied to plan how the day would run since we all wanted some alone time with Ashley. So liam would go pick her up and take her to the mall once the we're done they would come here to the house. Then we would watcha movie with all the boys. After I would ask her to help me do some cooking while the rest of the boys set the table. Later Zayn would help her with a make over while we did something of our own. finally Niall would think of something to do with her we wer hoping she would stay over and sleep in the living room with all of us you know kinda like a sleepover. 

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