i can't help it cause i love him

Ashley and her friends go on their first trip and they have no idea they will find in love Genean admits it she's in love but ashley has had trouble with love will she fall or will she run away from love. who will they fall for?
so this is my first fan fiction so its not gonna be the best i have many mistakes sorry but ill try my best to make it a good fan fiction. enjoy


6. Change of plans

I woke up it was 7:00am i heard some banging and singing from the bathroom im assuming it genean. I got up and went to see wat she was up to she was geting ready for her date but it was 7:00am not pm i asked her why she was geting ready so earlie she said louis had changed the plans and they were gonna be together the whole day which ment i was gonna go to the docs. Alone i was upset cause it was the day i had been waiting fir today my cast got removed. Genean saw the disappontment in my face and said ur gonna have a fun day with the boys liam is comming to pick you up in an hour ashley. I was just like what am i suppose to do i have to get dressed and we have to go to the docters. She then told me that the boys were taking me to the docters. I got dressed i put my hair in a bunand threw on my jack willis sweater then i put on my jeans and some gray toms when i was done i put a littl mascarea and gave genean a pink dress and some red wedges so. Enough liam knocked on the door i got up and opened the door we headed to his car and i saw the rest if the biys exept for louis who was now with genean. I got in and we headed to the docter the boys waited out side while i got the cast off when i came back out i could feel my wrist so light i was glad now i was ready to have fun. Niall then said he was hungrey so we went to mac.donalds and got some lunch.
Nialls P.O.V.
I aas glad ashley got the cast off now i can teach her to play gittar and we could have fun at our small slumber party with the boys. After macdonalds we headed to our flat ashley looked tierd so i took her to my bed room and told her to rest a bit. I sat beside her admierd her. I know this is weird cause i mean we just met abot a week ago and i alredy like her its just she is full of flaws and yet she smiles at the world. I know she has problems like everyone els but she is so silent and mystirous it makes me want to get ti know her more. I know im not the only obe who fancys her i can tell zayn and liam also facy her. I went down stairs to the boys and we started seting up for our sleep over. Ashley woke up and came to the kitchen we finally introduces our selfs to her she was amazed that she was really with one direction. Liam the said that we had to star off our slumber party he got his keys and took ashley shopping.
Liams P.O.V
I felt so excited it was finally time to start the slumbrr party so i took her shoping first we stoped by satrbucks and bought 2 iced caramel machiatos. Then i began to talk to her about food she told me she loved tacos just like harry and she never used a spoon because she loved the fact i never used one. I felt special because i was drinking coffe with the girl i liked and she loved that i ws scared of spoons. I then took her to the mall she tried on dosens of cloth and even though she hated half of the colth she tried i always told her she loked good in all cloth. It was 10 till 2 i had to take her back home it was now time for a move marathon. We got home ad the house was all set up. We saw toy story and titanic when harry said it was time for some food.
Ashleys P.O.V
I got up to help harry do some cooking we went to the kitchen i got out some ham, cheese, lettuse, tomatos, mayonase, and other ingedents for sandwiches i tosted the vread while harry did the rest and as we cooked we had a small food fight ofcourse harry one. We git some cokes and set them on the table with our handsome sanwiches. Then zayn told me it was time for a make overi was scared to know that zayn would give me a make over. We wnt out to a spa i got m brows done i got some blond hilights on my bangs and the ladys did my makeup then zayn took me to a dress store and he bought me a black tight dress i put it on and saw myself in the mirrorr i saw a beautiful girl it wasent me. I saw zayn looking at me and imedatly knew he was cheking me out.
Zayns P.O.V
I took her to get a make over whe i took her to the dress store i was amused by her beauty she had heals a tight dress anda new look she looked like magan fox to me. I knew that i wanted her to myself but in order to do that i had to win her over and knew i wouldnt be the only one fighting as we drove back home i broke the silence i asked her who her favorit band meber was? She said she loved us all equally. We began to sing along to sime songs playing on the radio. When we got home the boys jaws droped and they all said zayn we agreed on a makeover not a surgury. We laughed and said she just got make up and her brows done guys. I felt jelous it was time for niall to have some fun.
Nialls P.O.V
Inwas happy whn she got back but when i saw her my jaw droped it was as if zayn had walked in with an angel i grabed he hand and led her to a small bondfire in our back yard i got my gitar and bgan to play stero hearts and she ate marshmellows. I couldent stop looking at her she was just so beautiful. She broke the silence and said can u teach me to play the guttar naill? I ageed and showed her. The basic ince she got the hang of it i let her play the gutar on her own. We walked back inside and i asked her to play for the boys she played and sang stero hearts we all just sat there amused she was awsome at singing. Liam was the first to speak he told her she was amzing i looked surprized she asked me if their was something wring with her i said no im just amuzed.
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