The Secrets That Lies Beyond

There are 3 girl vampires that soon fall in love with 3 human boys. What will happen when they fall in love? Death, destruction and undesired love. What will happen when everyone they love dies. With their strong feelings, and their kisses meaningful will they be able to stay apart for the greater good or are they able to risk all they have to live the life with bloodlust uncontrollable? When Isobel, Jessie and Bridgette meet Ash, Jace and Bayn will they be able to stay together or will they become the thing they most fear. Will they do anything for them even if it means becoming a monster themself. Read for to find out.


3. We are all the same.


After I left Bridgette I knew she was lying. I'm a good liar and I know when someone lies to me. That had it confirmed. Me and Jessie thought she might have been one but we didn't know for sure. She was a vampire just like us. Jessie and I became friends in the 1920's. She was my oldest friend. We just came to school here this year. Jessie didn't like it that Bridgette might have been a vampire. She read my mind because my I let her to see if she would slip and she did. I knew if I acted friendly she might do that but I cant believe I had to act like that all school day. I had to be all bubbly. I felt her reading my mind. I'm kinda surprised that she even got into my head. oh ya...I haven't drunk from the vein for 3 days. Jessie is making me try and be on animal blood but I always sneak in some human. Its making me weaker. All I could think about today is everyone's blood. I go to the house me and Jessie are sharing and tell her what I found out.

"Jessie" I said. I didn't have to yell it because vampires have super hearing and the older you are the better you can hear. The next thing I know she is in front of me. Vampire have super speed but it doesn't frighten me. When your a vampire and for as long as I have you don't get scared easily.

"What" she said.

"She's a vampire" That's all I needed to say. "Well she knows what we are now. I let her read my mind saying that she was one of us. Now I don't have to be all talkative and bubbly."

"Lets go over there." Jessie stated.

'First I need blood." I said hungrily.

"Go outside and catch a squirrel or something.' She said.

"No I'm not having anymore of that crap. I tried and I don't want the diet." As I said while getting a human blood packet. I teared it open with my teeth and drank it until it was gone. We headed over to Bridgette's house at vampire speed and I got their first. Jessie came right after and we barged right in. We saw Bridgette and I jumped her and grabbed her by her throat. She struggled to get out of it but she couldn't.

"Why are you here?" I asked her.

"I'm here to start a new life I didn't know you were a vampire until I read your mind.' She said.

"I know that was the plan." I said.  I let her out of my grip and she gasped.

"I haven't seen another vampire since we moved here. Besides Jessie. Moved here to start a new life that isn't gonna last." I stated.

"Ya I know. When you don't age people can guess why and it doesn't end well." Bridgette answered.

"It never does. How old are you?" I asked. "Your not new and your not one of the old ones so 100 something."

"183. I've been a vampire for 166 years though but whose counting." Bridgette said. "Since your already here might as well sit down." So we all sat down.

"Your friendly for a vampire." I said.

"You seemed to be but not anymore." Bridgette said to me.

"I never was. We wanted to see if it was true and i had to act the part. So who turned you?"

"Not quite sure. I didn't really ask him for is name when he killed me." Bridgette said sarcastically  "So who turned you guys?"

" I don't know." Jessie answered. "And Izzy was turned by an old one well that's all we think so far."

" How'd you get turned?" Bridgette asked. So we all told how we got turned. We talked about vampires and others about how we can walk in the sun. How it was when we turned. and how we got through the change. We pretty much all became fond of each other which is really rare for vampires considering were supposed to be evil and all. Bridgette doesn't drink from the vein. Great...Not. she is extremely friendly for a vampire. Jessie didn't like that if she was a vampire she might compel everyone because we wanted to stay here it was our home. She had to act the part of jealous psycho bitch.

"Well I'm gonna go on a hunt. " I said deviously.

"You should be careful we don't want any witches, or vampire hunters after us." Jessie warned.

"Thank you mother." I said.

"Your welcome to stay in our house 2's better than one." Jessie said to Bridgette.

"Ok ya. I'll come. Just let me get my things." Jessie was with Bridgette helping her packed while I was looking for a prey. I saw a bartender coming out to take the garbage out. I went at vampire speed and when they realized the red veiny eyes and the fangs they started to run. I ran and sucked his blood. I felt a surge of energy and warmth. I wanted to kill everyone . To drink everyones blood just to have a taste. But then I heard someone with my super hearing. They were quit a way down  just enough time to compel him to forget everything. I looked into his eyes.

"Forget about everything that happened tonight and if anyone asks say you someone got into a bar fight and glass got into you neck." Before I disappeared before his eyes.


Jessie helped me pack all my things. I was actually happy that I could share my secret with someone. Its hard to make friends when your a vampire and have to keep so many secrets from people. Even though they were the same thing as me it was still good. After we got all my stuff we were talking about where we traveled considering we couldn't stay in one place to long without getting noticed. We talked about Isobel and school. We also talked about the guys at school. Jessie said that she doesn't date because in the past it always turns out bad. Like they either always find out or someones chasing them and trying to kill them but either way it was for the best.

"But don't think we don't date or play around here or there. I like to be around humans and date, it makes me feel like I'm alive again." Jessie told me.

"Yah that's why I came here. I wanted a normal life." I said. Then I yawned. "You don't have to help me i'll put my stuff away.

"Ok see you in the morning and the blood bags are stored down in the basement." Jessie said before leaving. After I got most of my stuff away I was pretty beat so I went downstairs to get a  blood bag when I heard " Ready for another day for a pain in the ass school.". Izzy.


I came into the house and I saw that Bridgette got the extra room we had. Jessie had the biggest room then me then Bridgette.

"Ready for another day for a pain in the ass school." I said.

"Why do you go to school if you hate it so much?" Bridgette said while coming downstairs.

" It reminds me of my human days but I know I never can be human again." I said to her.

"Ya do know that your like the mystery girls the school talks about don't you?  I know that and Im new. And you guys have a lot of people who like to stare at you. And who hate you because you guys are very pretty" She said.

"And now you the 3rd mystery girl with us. And your one to talk. People stare cause they know were different. People always like a mystery. But when they realize we always are keeping something from them they'll lose interest. Were not the only ones they talk about to now. Your the new girl too." I said with a smirk.

"Were like the 3 musketeers."

"Oh god. I hope not." I said as we all went to sleep or at least tried.


We were at my house. I was hanging with the guys Ash, Bayn, Nick and Spencer. We are all on the football team together. Ash was the Quarterback  I was a linebacker and Bayn was a linebacker too. Ash has dark brown hair and gray eyes. I was always jealous of his eyes they were always so I don't know its really hard to describe it. That's why he gets a lot of girls too. Speaking of girls... I saw the new girl  today and I saw Isobel too. Her and Jessie were the hottest girls in school. Now looks like Isobel and Jessie made a new friend. We were talking about our game we had today. But I had a more interesting topic.

"Hey dude did you see the new girl with Isobel and Jessie?" I asked them.

"Oh ya dude. She's hot." Bayn said.

"All the hottest girls in school are now in one clique." Nick said while smiling.

"Dude what if I asked one of them out?What do you think they would say." Spencer asked.

"No." They all said.

"What why? Cant handle this sexy body." Spencer said while showing off his abs.

"No. It's just how much do you know about them? There all mystery girls." Ash said.

"I like a mystery. It just makes them hotter.  And you don't need to know them. I'll work my magic tomorrow and by the end of the week they'll be in love with me." Spencer stated.

"Ya right." Nick scoffed. "You can't even get Isobel or Jessie to talk to you let alone even say hi to you."

We kept talking about the girls. About how hot they are and we were seeing if any of us could even get a date with them. Isobel and Jessie were here for about a month or so now and Bridgette just came today. So they were all pretty new. Later the guys left and I was thinking if had to pick the hottest it would have to be Jessie. I liked her dark hair and freckles. That and the mystery thing. Then I fell asleep.



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