The Secrets That Lies Beyond

There are 3 girl vampires that soon fall in love with 3 human boys. What will happen when they fall in love? Death, destruction and undesired love. What will happen when everyone they love dies. With their strong feelings, and their kisses meaningful will they be able to stay apart for the greater good or are they able to risk all they have to live the life with bloodlust uncontrollable? When Isobel, Jessie and Bridgette meet Ash, Jace and Bayn will they be able to stay together or will they become the thing they most fear. Will they do anything for them even if it means becoming a monster themself. Read for to find out.


8. Strong Feelings!!


I couldn't lie. Not having to keep my secret from Bayn or his mother was a relief. I thought having a relationship would be hell but its a little easier with them knowing. Jessie seemed happy when she came back from Jace's though I couldn't tell if it was from his mothers approval or from their make out session in the car.

"Next time he drops you off could you guys park a few blocks away so me and Br don't have to hear and smell everything that is going on?!?" Izzy snapped, I think she was jealous that we both didn't have to hide from our boyfriends mothers.

"What climbed up her ass and died?" Jess asked me.

"I have no clue, how did Mrs. Carter take the news?" She bounced on the couch landing with her legs under her and leaned forward.

"SHE WAS HAPPY! I was all like 'Mrs. Carter I am a vampire.' and she was like, 'OH MY! How lucky Jace is. I am glad you told me now I need to keep all the vervain locked up.' and I put in, 'Oh no. Incase there are any Rouge vampires I want you guys to keep it on you at all times.' she smiled at me and hugged me then we just sat and talked then Jace came and brought me home."

"Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Now can you shut up and let me work?" Jess turned to me and made a face then she skipped up stairs.

"Oh, uhm guys? Can you maybe try not to listen to our convo?" Jessie asked.

"I got my headphones in and on!" I shouted. Izzy got up and got hers. "Iz got hers on too!"

"THANK YOU!!" She skipped up the steps like a little girl. I felt my phone vibrate, I looked down then over to Iz,

From Izzy: Do you think she is in love with him?

To Izzy: Of course! That girl has it bad, I think it is adorable. Why are you so grumpy?

From Izzy: You both don't have to hide yourself from your boyfriend's mothers but I do. I knew with out a doubt that Jace's  mom would love Jessie, everyone does.

To Izzy: I know, she was really worried. You want to go on a walk?

From Izzy: Love to!

With that we put away what we were working on and went  outside. I waited for a few blocks just to make sure Jess couldn't hear us then I dove right in,

"You've been a real bitch to your best friend."

"I know. She just irratates me. For the 160 years we have been together she still gets under my skin. People think she is so innocent, sweet, caring and nice. She doesn't even need compulsion! She could just bat her big brown eyes at someone and ask to drink their blood and they would willingly give their wrists to her."

"But it isn't a act, she is being who she really is."

"No who she really is is a minipulative little bitch, she uses everyone for something she needs. She is a heartless monster too. She killed her own family, first her sister Jasmyn and then her parents. She has half the population of male vampires after her because they have all 'fallen in love' with her. People who find out about her are always saying how pure and delightful she is to have around. It gets on my nerves and she is always so lovey dovey to anyone that she talks to or meets. I need a break maybe in 20 years I will be good."

Just then Jessie steps out from the tree line. Tears are falling nonstop and she has a hurt expression on her face, she truely looks like a whipped puppy. Isobel stops walking, staring at her oldest and longest best friend.

"Is that what you really think of me?" Jess whispers.

"No, well maybe, Jess I am ju..." Izzy can't finish because Jessie has vanished. I had an idea of where she would go and so did Isobel. We took off everything going by in a blur, we get to Jaces house and Izzy pounds on the door. Jace answers in sweats with no shirt and his hair going everywhere.

"Is Jessalyn here!?" I was surprised, Isobel was so worried that she used Jessie's actual name.

"Who the hell is Jessalyn!?"

"Jessie, Is Jessie here!?!?!?" Izzy was about to strangle Jace for not talking fast enough.

"Why would she be here? What happened?" Jace looked wide awake and very worried now. Izzy left in a blur. Once I knew she was gone I spoke up,

"Have you checked your phone?" I waited while he went to get it. I couldn't walk in because they haven't invited me in yet.

"Oh God! I need to find her!" He was about to run off but I stopped him.

"One let me see the phone two if your going anywhere you need to atleast put on a shirt." He handed me the phone and went to get a shirt.

From <3Jessie<3: Jace, I have to leave. I don't want to leave but I am obviously not wanted by my 'best friend' I don't know who else thinks my... tenderness is annoying but I cannot go on pretending that I am cared for. I cannot go on living thinking that anyone I make friends with will think that I am annoying. I care about you deeply and because of that I also must leave. I couldn't bear it if anything should happen to you. Goodbye Jace.

I blinked back the tears and drew in a deep breath. She was going to kill herself. All because Isobel was taking all her pent up rage out on her. She should know better, but she always trusted Isobel with her heart. Jace was closing the door when my phone went off.


"Bridgette I found her but I can't do anything. She is with someone, it is a guy but it is one of the counsel. "

"The vampire counsel!?" I gasped.

"Yeah, I remember a few of them owe her a debt, god damn, I can't loose her Br."

"No one can. She doesn't see it that wat though. She thinks that you have a strong dislike about her so she thinks she will be doing everyone a favor by killing herself. Well getting someone to kill her. Since her best friend hates her everyone else would too, that is her reasoning."

I hung up not wanting to talk to her anymore then I turned to Jace. If I wanted to go help my friends he needed to be put somewhere where I could be sure he wouldn't get killed so I dropped him off at Bayn's.



"Jonathan you owe me. I need you to end me." I begged for the 50th time since meeting him. He still wouldn't rip my heart out. I needed him to soon or else Bridgette and Isobel would be here soon.

"Tell me again why you want me to kill you?"

"Isobel was talking about how my personality was annoying and if I am annoying to my 'best friend' then nobody likes me."

"That is not a good enough reason alone."

"Please John!" I grabbed his hand, he was immune to any powers. My super compulsion wouldn't work.

"Isobel and Bridgette you can come out now." He called completely ignoring me. His grip grew stronger, making me stay as they came out. "Jessalyn, Isobel would like to explain." I sighed frustrated.

"Fine. You can let go Jonathan. I won't run." He searched my face then let go. I turned to Isobel, hands on my hips and gave her all my feelings about her in my stare. She flinched,

"Jess I am so sorry! I didn't mean any of those words. I was just jealous and decided making up things about you would help."

"Nothing about what you said was made up." She flinched again. Obviously she forgot that along with my compulsion skills came the talent of being able to pick out the truth in someones words, I was a living breathing lie detector. 

"Ok so I convinced myself they were true." Again she was lying. She had meant every single last word. I cocked my eyebrow at her, earning another flinch.


Shit I was in deep! I forgot about Jessie's lie detecting ability, I never had to worry about it. I really need to get her back. 

"Ok so I convinced myself they were true." Obviously I was bad at this because she cocked her eyebrow and that hurt. She only did that to people she hated, distrusted or to make people intimidated. She had it down to a science, it also helped her seduce the opposite sex. She didn't have to say anything her ice cold expression and that damn eyebrow said everything. She was done with me. 

"Jessalyn. She wants you back as a friend." Jonathan put in calmly and quietly. 

"Jonathan. I will accept the counsel offer." Jessie told him. He nodded curtly, obviously this was a dismissal. I swear even the elders were intimidated by her! And now I had her as a pissed off ex-best friend. I was screwed.

"Counsel offer? When did that happen?" Br asked shocked. 

"Since I mastered my skills. Like 155 years ago. They have been pestering me and from what happened tonight I have reason now to join." Jess shot a glare my way, even though she didn't have my skill, making people double over in pain from one look, I felt like I was being ripped apart from the inside. 

"Jess please stay. Not for Izzy but for me and Jace." Br begged.

"I guess I could be on the counsel and not live there." Jess smiled. Then she looked at me, pain flashed through her eyes but it was there for a millisecond. "Tell me Isobel. How long have you had those....thoughts about me?" Her voice was icy monotone. 

"For a decade." 

"Interesting. Now I must go see Jason." With that she left. Bridgette turned her glare on me. 

"Great. Now she is just like the fucking counsel! She uses everyone's original name. Even if they don't supposedly have one!" I cringed,

"I am hopping that passes. I mean how long can Jessie stay an Ice Queen!?"

"I would think  from being her friend for 160 years you would realize that once Jessie decides there is no going back for her. Just forward."

"Yes but with going forward means leaving behind the past. Which means making some progress in a few years this will be a distant memory. She becomes Jessie the Icy just to get over tons of pain little by little."

"I hope for everyone's sake that you are right. I have heard of her from others. Jessie the Icy is one terrible bitch. I hope she thaws soon."

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