The Secrets That Lies Beyond

There are 3 girl vampires that soon fall in love with 3 human boys. What will happen when they fall in love? Death, destruction and undesired love. What will happen when everyone they love dies. With their strong feelings, and their kisses meaningful will they be able to stay apart for the greater good or are they able to risk all they have to live the life with bloodlust uncontrollable? When Isobel, Jessie and Bridgette meet Ash, Jace and Bayn will they be able to stay together or will they become the thing they most fear. Will they do anything for them even if it means becoming a monster themself. Read for to find out.


7. Shhh...


     "What do you mean their vampires!?" I was completely shocked. How could Jessie, sweet, beautiful and caring Jessie be a evil vampire.

     "They drink blood and are immortal. That is the simplest deffinition of a vampire bro." Bayn snaped at me.

     "I know what a vampire is but this is just hard to take in."

     " I didn't like the thought of it either man but its the cold hard truth, thats why they turn away after a few seconds of kissing us. They feel our pulses and they have to control themselves. I have already asked and they don't kill, Jessie prefers animals over human, but they all drink out of blood bags." Ash sighs,

     "We can't tell anyone or they will KILL them. This is our little secret that only the 6 of us can know about... Got that Jace?" Bayn asks, I nodd

     "Are they evil?" I couldn't look at the guys but I had to ask.

     "NO! They are all the best of the good vampires." Bayn replies quickly.

     "So I can keep dating Jessie?" I ask hopefully. Ash smiles knowingly and Bayn grins and nods. I sigh in relief,

     "Another thing you need to know is that we are both werewolves, though Bayn hasn't changed yet. For him to be a complete were he needs to kill someone." Ash confesses,

     "Wait.... so that means you have killed someone?"

     "That car crash that I was in. My car was the car that killed that man so technically yes I killed him."

      "Well you didn't do it on purpouse." Just then the girls just burst in. Jessie's face fell and I could tell she was on the brink of tears.

      "You know don't you..." I had to strain to hear Jessie but I heard her. I got up and wraped my arms around her.

      "Yes but I'm not scared or disgusted or any other nasty thing that you could think of." I feel her relax in my arms and hear her sigh in relief.

      "So you guys won't turn us in?" Jessie asks hopefully and looks up at me with her big brown eyes. I shake my head vigirously,

      "Never." I whisper in her ear and she shivers, then smiles. Jessie got up on her tiptoes and gave me a short sweet kiss.

     "Ok if you two love birds are done with the PDA then I would like for us all to talk about our situation at our house." Br snips. Me and Jessie climb into her truck first, Jessie taking the driver seat and me the passenger, then Bayn climbs in behind me and Bridgette sits in his lap, Ash climbs in behind Jessie and Izzy sits on his lap, the guys don't complain.

      "And you called us the lovebirds Bridge." Jessie snaps. I look back and Bridgette rolls her eyes.


       I drove as fast as I could to our house, I knew the guys still had questions but they seemed to be doing okay. I pulled into our driveway in seconds flat. Jace was clinging to my hand and the door handle.

      "Jesus Christ Jess, Your getting better!!" Izzy exclaimed.

      "Getting better!? At what, trying to kill everyone!?" Bayn gets out of the car and looks like he is about to puke.

      "Sorry guys I thought you would like the thrill," I snap back

      "It's ok at least we are still alive." Jace squezzes my hand and gets out. Well I thought I did pretty good. No off roading and I didn't have the police on my tail. I shrugged it off and went inside. I got 6 glasses out of the cubboard and lined them up, 3 I filled with blood and then I asked the boys,

        "What do you guys want to drink?"

        "Do you have coke?" Bayn shouted,

        "Yes, and please no need to shout," I answered,

        "I'll have a coke too," Jace came in and sat on the counter. I poured the two cokes and turned to Ash,

        "What do you want Ash??"

        "Water sounds good." I nodded and got him some ice water. Izzy and Bridge walked in and grabbed a glass of blood each. We all downed them quickly,  I saw one of the boys cringe. I poured coke into my glass to get the remaining blood out but I drank it much slower.

        "I thought vampires didn't eat or drink regular human food." Jace pointed out.

        "We don't like the taste, but we eat and drink what you guys eat and drink to appear normal." Izzy explained. We went through a whole bunch of their questions like, how old are you really, are there anymore vampires around, is it fun being a vampire, is sex more rough as a vamp, and a bunch of other stupid questions. They stayed till it was dark and then I drove them all back to Jace's house. His parents were home and they waited until it was only me left to come outside.

        "You must be Jessie! Jace talks nonstop about you!" His mother wrapped me in a hug. I saw Jace's neck and ears turn red. I laughed and responded,

        "There is nothing special about me, I hope everything he says is good though." I smile at his parents and they smile back.

       "'Jessie is sooo beautiful', 'Jessie makes me laugh', 'Jessie is sooo smart' That is all we hear is good  things, so are your parents around?" His mom mimicks him and then asks the dreaded question.

       "Uh.. No I live with Isobel and her Aunt, my parents died a few years ago." I look down embarassed.

       "Oh I am so sorry honey. Why don't you come in and talk awhile?"

       "I would love to, but I need to get home and finish my homework,"

       "Ok well another time when you are free just drop on by, I would love to get to know you better." I smiled at his mom and she gave me another hug, his dad gave me an awkward wave and they headed in. Jace walked me to my car,

      "Pull out and drive away slowly, I don't need my mom worrying about me with you driving." I laughed and so did he. "I'll see you tomorrow at school?"

      "Yes." I leaned against my door and he took it as an invatation to move in closer. I tilted my head up and his lips brushed mine softly. I pulled him closer and gave him a hard but sweet kiss. He tried for more but I stopped him,

     "I have a feeling that your mom is watching." We looked over to the front window and caught her moving away, he slapped his forehead and I giggled. I gave him another peck and got in.

     "Be safe speed demon." I laughed again and pulled out and drove away slowly.


     I got up and went to the bathroom, I plugged in my hair straightener and brushed my teeth. Then I walked back to my room and picked out my outfit for today. I was going to wear my white fresh top that had yellow stripes and a strawberry with a face that said SWEET on it, then I picked out my dark blue jeggings and rolled them up to about mid calf. Then I got my neon pink flip flops and went back to my bathroom. I straightened my bangs and pulled my hair up into a messy bun. I swipped on some eyeliner and gold eyeshadow. I walked down stairs to the kitchen and pulled out a blood bag. I poured half into my tin water bottle and drank the rest.

     "Hey Jess, you look cute today." Bridge said as she walked into the room. I looked her up and down, She was wearing a light blue freshtop with lips on it saying kiss me, then she had on white capris with little rips down the side, she threw a pair of light bllue flip flops on the ground. Her hair was down and straightened and she had on only mascara.

     "You don't look bad yourself Bridge." I gave her a wink and threw a blood bag at her. She split it like I did and packed the rest of her lunch. Izzy came down in a black freshtop with a dark red heart in the middle, she had on dark red skinny jeans rolled up to be capris and black flip flops. Her hair was down but her bangs were pinned back and she had rimmed her eyes with charcoal black eyeliner.

     "Wow this is weird we are all wearing freshtops." Izzy pointed out.

     "Vamp telepathy. We all look hot so thats a good thing." Bridge puts in. I laugh and toss Izzy her blood bag. Once her lunch is packed we head out. We get to school in about 5 minutes so we sit on the talegate of my truck soaking in the sun and waiting for the boys. I can hear the some girls whipsering about how we all are matching but make it look not nerdy. The boys are talking about how we could wear anything and they would still get boners, then I hear Bayn,

      "Damn, they are doing this on purpose, Bridgette is just heaven to look at, I need a few minutes to get my self together."

      "God Jessie looks like a goddess."

      "Isobel looks like a warrior princess."  I look at the girls and we all share a knowing smile. A few minutes later I hear three people approaching. I hop down and so do the girls then I close the tail gate. I turn around into Jace's chest, I look up,

      "Do you like my outfit today?"

      "I love it."

      "Did I really look like a goddess?" I giggle when his ears turn red.

      "You guys heard that?" I nod and give him a peck on the lips then I walk away knowing he will follow. Izzy and Bridge soon flank my sides and we walk into the school, everyone looks at us and I hear the boys talk about how lucky Bayn, Ash and Jace are. We get to Izzy's locker first. She grabs some books quickly and then we head to Bridgette's locker, it takes her 5 seconds and then we are at my locker. I grab my books for Italian and then we head to homeroom.

      The morning classes were boring and long. It was hard for me to focus in English because Jace kept mouthing stuff to me. Mr. Hartle caught him three times, at lunch the boys sat with us at our outside table and more people talked about us. The last four classes of the day went by in a blur. Finally we were all chilling in Bayn's living room. We were all having fun just talking about our day until his parents came home. Talk about awkward, but like always I talked about random stuff nonstop making sure there was no silence.

     "Jessie your such a doll, and Izzy your comments are the most delightful, I am glad Bayn has you as friends! Bridgette you are the life of the party and you all three are beautiful. Will you girls come help me prepare dinner?" Bayn's mother asked.

     "I would love to! It has been a long time since I helped in the kitchen." Izzy responded.

     "I love cooking! Let's go!" I got up excitedly and skipped into the kitchen. Bridgette and Izzy slowly followed.

     "Jessie you can chop these veggies, Izzy you can prepare the salads and Bridgette you will help me with the main meal." We all started working at first it was silent, then we heard the guys all go outside. "Girls I am not as dumb as Bayn's father, I know that you all are vampires. Just reassure me that you girls won't harm the boys and I won't say anything."

     "Mrs. Thomas I would never hurt Bayn. If there is a risk at anytime of me hurting him or the others, I would leave in a hurry." Mrs. Thomas sighed in relief, then turned her eyes to me and Izzy.

     "I wouldn't lay a fang on any of the boys." Izzy stated.

     "I feel the same as both Izzy and Bridgette, I have to ask though, have you talked to Jace's parents?"

     "Yes, they both like you, his mother adores you, she suspects but isn't sure. His father isn't from around here, like my husband so they both are clueless. I will have to tell her but she won't do anything."

     "Actually do you mind if I tell her?" She smiled at me,

     "That would have a better result so you can, After dinner you may go if you like." I reached over and hugged her.

      "Thank you." We finished dinner right as the guys came back inside. The table was set and we all sat down. The Thomas's led a prayer then the boys dug in like animals. Bayn's parents let us each have a small glass of wine. Mrs. Thomas was the last to finish, we cleared the table and yet again split into groups the girls went back to the kitchen to wash and the boys went into the den to watch some football. When we were close to finishing Mrs. Thomas shooed me out.

     "Jace, I am going to head over to go talk to your mom."

     "Do you want me to come?" He looked up worried. I thought about it then shook me head.

     "No I better go alone. But can you tell her that I am on my way?" I gave him a kiss and then headed to the Carter's house. I got there in 5 minutes. She opened the door as I walked up the pathway. She wrapped me in a hug and then ushered me inside.

      "Mrs. Carter, I am a vampire."






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