The Secrets That Lies Beyond

There are 3 girl vampires that soon fall in love with 3 human boys. What will happen when they fall in love? Death, destruction and undesired love. What will happen when everyone they love dies. With their strong feelings, and their kisses meaningful will they be able to stay apart for the greater good or are they able to risk all they have to live the life with bloodlust uncontrollable? When Isobel, Jessie and Bridgette meet Ash, Jace and Bayn will they be able to stay together or will they become the thing they most fear. Will they do anything for them even if it means becoming a monster themself. Read for to find out.


4. Football Players:)


I got ready for school taking a shower than blow drying my hair. I then straightened my short dark brown hair and got dressed. I put on a pink and blue striped sweater with a white tank top, put on a jean skirt with white leggings and flip flops. I drink some blood out of a blood bag and got my stuff ready to go. Then Izzy and Br come down. We all pretty much have nicknames for each other. Bridgette was wearing a light green and white striped shirt with jeans and flip flops and had her hair up. Isobel is wearing a black and red ruffled top with a black tank top under it, with some dark skinny jeans and a black belt with black flip flops. She had her long hair straighten down. She liked dark colors and Bridgette liked light colors. Weird. They get a pack of blood too, then we went out the door and into my car. Then off to school.We got out of the car when we arrived to school.

"Hey I think we should at least try and be normal so no one gets suspicious  We don't need any vampire hunters knowing were vampires. Or humans in this case. This used to be a place with a lot of vampires at one point." Bridgette suggested.

"Then what do you think we should do? Make new friends? Date? The last time I dated he was murdered by another vampire. Things always end bad when we interact with humans." I said.

"I know but I think we should try. There are no vampires here so no need to worry. That's why I moved here. I was hoping I could make friends, date and not have any other vampires here." Bridgette stated.

"Thanks. I'm feeling the love." Isobel said sarcastically. Then smiled. One I never liked.

"Izzy what are you thinking." I said worriedly.

"Oh nothing but there happened to be a football playing jock, who happens to be single." Isobel said with that devious smile of hers.

"Isobel I don't need to mind read to know what your thinking. Do not ask him out for me! It all ends bad!" I exclaimed. But of course she doesn't listen and goes up to almost the whole football team. I go running after her with Bridgette behind me. I get there and their all looking at us. I hated when people stared I felt as if they knew my secret. Just then Isobel said...

"Heyy Jace." She said with a smile on her face. With like everyone checking us out. I saw like everyone going from Isobel to me to Bridgette looking up and down. Jeesh. Perv! "My friend Jess was wondering if you would like to hang out with her sometime." She said shining her perfect white teeth.

Jace looked from Isobel to me and looked me in the eye and said "Ya. Do you want to come to our football game. Your friends could come too. Then after you could come to my house. I'm having a party there." He said.

"Uhh...umm.." I stuttered.

"Yes" Isobel said before I could say anything. What was she thinking. I cant date. I don't want anyone to die! She probably wouldn't care but I do! But I couldn't do anything so I just nodded.

"Cool. I'll meet you at the game tonight." The boys were smiling and cheering. I wondered what for? Getting a date with a pretty girl I guess. Boys are sooo weird. After we got out of earshot the boys were saying things like "Dude you have a date with one of the hottest girls in school" and things like"Dude try to hook me up with her friends." And all other crap I heard with my vampire hearing. I didn't know we were that pretty. I mean they pretty much flirt with every pretty girl in school. I guess that made us the only ones they haven't flirted and succeed in. I sent a death glare at Isobel when she looked at me.

"Oh don't give me the death glare. It's not gonna do anything. Come on! I scored you a date with one of the hottest guys in school. I would hate to see him cheat on you. He would be dead in a second." Isobel said as she snapped her fingers.

"No! No killing or compulsion or anything"I said as I looked into her eyes. She looked a little dazed for a second before she was back.

"Ok I won't jeesh. All you had to fucking do was ask." She said. That's weird usually she would try and argue more. Again I say weird. That usually only happens with compulsion but only the original vampires can do that on other vampires and I'm defiantly not an original.

"Wait! What about you too. You guys need to have a date if I have to have one." I said to them. 

"Well...Br who do you like in school considering were like the most wanted on the "To date list"." Isobel said.

"I don't know I'll tell you when I think of one. I've only been here for one day." She said.

"Well I'm going to see. Maybe we'll meet some one at the party." Isobel said before she left to go off to art with Bridgette. My first class was Italian.


Me and Bridgette went to art class. I liked art class and I was really good at art. I always was. And the fact that I'm over a century old too. 

"Quiet down class. Now today I want you to draw an animal showing depth and 3 dimensional perspective. That is all now you may start it." The teacher said then sat down in his desk chair. I sat behind Bridgette and Ash. I sat with Nick a guy on the football team,I got my supplies out and started on working on my drawing. Mine was gonna be a crow. It was an animal I could control when your a strong vampire kinda like how I can control fog too. 

"Psst!" I said. 

"What?" Br said with out turning around.

"What are you gonna draw?" I asked.

"A dog. You?"

"Crow. Did you think of anyone to go out with?" I asked.

"No. Not yet. I thought Bayn was kinda cute." I read her mind and I could tell she thought he was more than kinda cute.

"More than kinda." I say to her.

"Don't read my mind!" She whispered.Then I started to work on my project and by the end of the class I had most of my drawing done. 

"That's really good." Someone said. I look up to see it was Ash.

"Thanks." I say. I liked Ash. He seemed really... I don't know words can't describe him. I always thought he was hot.

"Hey do you want to go to the party after the game with me tonight?" Ash asked. I looked him in the eyes and I got memorized by them. They were an icy bluish gray. It's like I felt a connection with him and saw my whole life in his eyes. It was like I guess love at first sight. I then realized that I haven't said anything back.

"Ya I would like that." I said smiling.

"Can I walk you to class?" He asked. Usually I would say no but I don't know something about him made me want to say yes. So I did. He walked me to our next class and we pretty much talked and flirted. I thought he was really sweet , funny and he also had a little mystery going on. Hmmmm. Then we were at History class together.

"Well thanks" I smiled. Then I sat down at my desk. The only thing for once I was thinking about other than blood was me thinking about Ash. I couldn't seem to stop staring at him and it looked like he had the same problem because I saw him looking at me too. After class was over it was lunch time. It was a really sunny day so me and the girls sat at our table outside. I met Bridgette by her locker and then we met Jessie by hers. Then we all got are lunches and sat down at our table. Vampires still ate human food but it tasted like cardboard at times. But we pack blood in our water bottles so no one knows but we cant everyday cause then we would run out and people might find out were stealing from the blood bank. One of the tricks that vampires have is compulsion so we can compel any human except if they have a herb called vervain on them or in them. It started when the first vampires were made by witches and the witches needed them to have a weakness. The witches thought that no one should live forever. 

"Isobel? Isobel!" 

"Hmm? What?" I said to Jess.

"Nothing I was talking about you getting a date." She said raising her eyebrows up and down.

"How'd you know? You reading my mind now? Wait no I would have felt that." I said to her.

"No Br told me just now. You didn't here?" 

"No I was thinking." I told her.

"So Br did you get anyone to go with.?" Jess asked.

"No not yet but I haven't really met anyone I mean this is my second day of school." Br said in defense. Jeesh she is gettin sassy. Haha. 

"Just asking. But I could match you up. Me and Isobel could be your match makers. Lets see... There's Nick, Spencer, Bayn, there's that kid from my Italian class he's hot. There's also Jack, Damien, Darius, and Heath. All football players now lets go to basketball players shall we?" Jessie asked smiling.

" no no. I'm good. That's a lot of guys. We don't need to date guys. Not now anyways the right one will come along.And besides there only gonna play us." Bridgette said.

"What in another hundred years?" Jessie asked." And it was your ideas. Plus remember were vampires they don't want to mess with us"

"I know, I know but I mean in a normal life time. And its not like they know were vampires so its not their fault. " Br said. Then the bell rang. We all got up and left. The rest of the day was pretty much the same as any. We all rode back in the car and back to our house. Then we were getting ready for tonight. We didn't need to pay for our tickets cause we used compulsion  They feel guilty using it but I don't. We have to run all our lives and get hunted its the least they could do for us. We were wearing what we wore to school and we sat down in the stands and watched the football game.

"I remember when football was first invented." I smiled.

"Yeah good times. Like the television and the first dress with out a corset." Bridgette said.

"Look how much the world has grown." Jess said.

"I know." I said. Then the our football team scored a touchdown.

"Go Bulldogs!" people were yelling in the stands.Yep that's our mascot and our colors were red and black. I liked our colors. Then the game was done and we won. We got out of the stands and drove to the party. Everyone was in the party mood now that they won against one of the best teams. Then I see Jace, Ash, Bayn, Nick,Spencer and Darius coming towards us.

"Hey guys." Jess said.

"Hey good game." Br said.

"Ya" I told them.

"Thanks. All cause of this boy." Jace said pointing to Ash. Then the boys started cheering for him. He looked at me and yet again I got lost in his eyes. They looked familar but it could be because Ive lived for so long that i remember some one I knew back then with that color. But I usually wouldn't remember if it wasn't some one big in my life. Hmmm..

"There's achocol in the coolers and the fridge and feel free to do what ever you want." Jace said while looking at Jessie.

"Ok thanks." Bridgette said while looking at Bayn. Looks like somone gots a crush. Also looks like Bayn has a crush too. Br!

"Anytime." Jace said. So we pretty much split after that. The boys did what evr boys do and we went into the corner of the living room with beers. You could say we were people watching most of the girls were dancing.

"Bridgette go up to Bayn." I say.

"What? What no!" she said.

"Yes go now! Talk to him. Come on you like him and he likes you."

"How do you know?" She asked.

"Because he was totaly checking you out." Jessie stated and I just nodded my head with her.

"Really" she said blushing. And she never blushed. "Wait why doesn't he come up to me?"

"Ya go up to him and he's probaly a litttle shy and he thinks that you might reject him so go or i'll make that smart butt of yours go." Jess threatened. She doesn't cuss of course.

"Fine K I'll go" She said as she walked up to Bayn and started to talk to him.


I walked up to Bayn and started to talk to him.

"You did great tonight." I said.

"Thanks. So why did you move here?" He said.

"Well I lived in Arizona but my mom died so I got shipped off here to live with my older cousin." I said.

"Oh I'm sorry." He said.

"Don't be its not your fault."  It was mine, I thought.

"Do you want to dance?"

"Yeah." I say as we dance through a couple of songs and I saw that Ash was dancing with Izzy and Jace was dancing with Jess. Awww. It wasn't until I started to feel his blood pumping through my hands. I felt my fangs growing and my eyes veining.

"Bridgette whats" But before he could finish I turn my head and say...

"Excuse me I have to go." Then I walk away and I hear him calling my name and following me. I saw that Jess was gone and Izzy saw me then she left and came over to me. We both headed out and the boys were getting closer nut people were blocking our way. Izzy pushed through them and they were right behind on my heels until we disappeared a second before they came out. We were running at vampire speed until we were a block away. That's when Izzy stopped then I stopped.

"That was close." I said.

"Yea guess we forgot about that little problem." Izzy said.

"Little? That's an understatement." I said.

"I know I was being sarcastic." Izzy told me while smirking. I just turn my head then I start to head home when Jess says she's gonna drive the car. Isobel and I run home and get their before Jessie so we drink some more achocol. It helps with the cravings.

"Guys I told you this wasn't a good idea." Jessie.

"So what it happens its not our fault. But I thought you had your cravings under control." Izzy said.

"I do I don't know what happened." I sputterd. "I really don't know."



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