The Secrets That Lies Beyond

There are 3 girl vampires that soon fall in love with 3 human boys. What will happen when they fall in love? Death, destruction and undesired love. What will happen when everyone they love dies. With their strong feelings, and their kisses meaningful will they be able to stay apart for the greater good or are they able to risk all they have to live the life with bloodlust uncontrollable? When Isobel, Jessie and Bridgette meet Ash, Jace and Bayn will they be able to stay together or will they become the thing they most fear. Will they do anything for them even if it means becoming a monster themself. Read for to find out.


5. Dates:)



  Everyone was still on edge from the party. Br and Jess think we might have to move if he knows what he is. But what I think is that we could compel anyone who saw but they think we won't have enough strength to do it. I came here to live a life and that's what I plan to do. Well it was time to go to school to see if they saw anything. Hopefully there to dumb to notice. But I wouldn't slide it past them that easily because they were from the founding families and they knew about vampires. I get up, take a shower and blow dry my hair straight. I straightened the rest and put on my make up. I wore a lacy navy blue shirt with a white tank top underneath. I put on some dark skinny jeans and white flip flops and was ready once I got my blood. We all left for school in my jeep. We went through the day and so far none of us read anything in there mind. That was a good sign but their are ways of us not being able to read their mind or not use compulsion. A herb called vervain.


I was getting ready for school. Last night I saw Bridgette with Bayn and then I saw Isobel rushing out with Bridgette. Then they disappeared and I know how, no one can disappear that fast. I know what she is. I'm not scared because I know vampires exist but it's also because I'm a werewolf. I turned when I was 14. You have to be from a werewolf bloodline to be one and after that you have to kill somebody to trigger the curse. I killed somebody. It was on accident though, I never meant to, but you can trigger the curse by killing someone even by a car crash, by anything. I put vervain in my drink and drank it. So if they tried to compel me it wouldn't work, I would just fake them out. I went out to my car and put in wooden stakes, vervain and wooden bullets just in case, not because of Isobel, Jessie and Bridgette because when there's one vampire there's gonna be more.

The vampires are coming back. Bayn knows too. He's from a werewolf bloodline but he isn't a werewolf yet, not till he triggers the curse by killing someone. He knows about them being a vampire but nobody else doesn't. Not Jace, Nick or Spencer. there all human. Their also from the founding families but their parents thought they were safe because we haven't seen the vampires here since over a century and a half. Looks like that changed. When we found out that Isobel, Bridgette and Jessie were vampires last night, we figured that they might be good vampires. As in not killing people because so far there are no signs of vampire attacks. I really like Isobel, I hope I never have to stake her, I don't think I would be able too. I got into the car and drove to school. I went throughout the day as normal until Isobel came up to me. I thought she was going to try to compel me, kill me or read my mind, even though none of those things can really happen with the vervain in my system. I was hoping that she wasn't that kind of vampire. I didn't want her to find out I know. Not now at least. But all Isobel did was talk to me, and so that's what I did back. I asked her way she left so fast yesterday but all she said was that Bridgette's cousin was sick. That would be really believable if I hadn't already known the truth. So when we were talking I decided that I should ask her out.

"Hey do you want to go out tonight?" I asked.

"Sure" She said quickly.

"Great I'll pick you up at 8" I said before the bell rang, indicating that class has started. She's gonna find out eventually on full moons and my strength. Bayn and me decided that we should ask them out. Jace were worried about cause he knows that we were gonna ask them out and he was gonna ask Jessie out. I'm worried that Jessie might lose control, when there on their date. We tried but you can't really come right out and tell him that he's a vampire, especially since they don't know we know, at least not that I know of.  The bell rang for school to end and I met up with Bayn in the parking lot by my car.

 "She said yes, how bout you?" I asked .

"Same. What if one of them attacks us? Do we stake them? Drug them with vervain?" Bayn asked.

"I don't know but if are parents knew we didn't stake them, we would be dead." I said. Both our parents know about vampires cause there on the founding council and everyone on the council knows about vampires.Some tell their kids but most don't. I had to learn about it the hard way. Its when I accidently killed someone, that I found out I was a werewolf. It was the next fullmoon and I felt the pain. I ran into the woods and turned for the first time.I woke up the next day with blood on me and I knew what happened. I killed people. I looked around an I saw that I killed some campers. I ran home out of fear and washed up with out being seen. My parents were watching the news and I saw the pictures of the people I killed on them. They were saying it was an animal attack, but everyone on the council say it was a vampire that was covering up its tracks. No one had proof of any vampires living here but I know the real truth. I didn't know if my parents knew about me being a werewolf so I kept it that way. But one night Bayn saw me changing and he said that I was a werewolf. He told me about his dad saying he was from a werewolf bloodline. So was I but I still never told my parents about that. All they know, is that I know about vampires. My dad said that I need to know because I can't run around thinking its all safe.

"Okay, but were not our parents," Bayn said interupting my internal babble.

"If they hurt you, then do whatever is necessary," I said after getting into my car and heading home. We would have a group date but Jace doesn't know about them and we wouldn't be able to question them, would we? I went home and figured out where I was going to take Isobel. Picnic. I packed a basket and put some food in there, even though they probaly won't eat much. I put a pocket knife in there just in case I had to use it. I put more vervain in my drink and put some in my pocket.  I left and went to pick her up.


I was wearing a white lace shirt with a light blue tank top and blue jeans on. Everyone was getting ready. We packed some blood to help the temptation of human blood, we had to make sure that didn't happen with Bridgette. She knew what to do if he knew. I put on some mascra, blue eyeliner, eyeshadow and was ready. He arrived and I got into the car. We arrived at a park and had a picnic. We were kissing until I felt his pulse. My eyes started veining and my fangs were trying to come out.  I break off the kiss and turn away. I was going to tell him that I got something in my eye until he said "I know what you are. "

"What do you mean I'm human, just like you!"

"Here me out. I know what you are but are you killing people?" He asked.

"No, believe or not but we came here to live a life. Wait, how do you know?" I asked. "The council?"

"How do you know about the council?" Ash asked.

"Answer my question first. How do you know and what do you know?" I asked.

"The council. I know that you, Bridgette and Jessie are vampires." I say.

"Who else knows?" I say narrowing my eyes.

"No one." He said lying.

"Your lying who else knows." I demanded when I pushed him up against a tree, choking him.

"Bayn." Ash chokes out. He put his hand over mind and tried to pry my hands from around his throat. He almost did until I pushed harder. His strength wasn't normal for a human but he was to weak for a vampire. What was he...

"What are you?" I demand, ramming him against the tree.

"Human." He says.

"Lying again. Your strenght is stronger than a humans and your to weak to be a vampire so what are you?" I ask again.

"Put me down and I'll tell you what I know, if you tell me what you know." He said smiling.

"Try anything and I'll kill you." I say but I didn't really want too. I just wanted to be normal, be human.

"I'm a werewolf." I think about this for a second letting it sink in.

"I didn't think they still exist." I say.

"Ya well I didn't know they did exist till I was 14." He says. Wait...

"You killed somebody." I stated.

"Ya Im not proud of it but the fullmoon made me so angry that I couldn't control my self." Ask said sadly.

"You'll get over it, plus I bet that wasn't only person you killed, am I right?" I asked smirking. He just stared at me. That's a yes.

"Are their more of you?" He asked.

"Nope just us." I said eyeing him.

"There's gotta be more vampires. When theirs one theirs gotto be more." He says deep in thought. That was true, there always were, we were like family. But not all of us were, some were just plain bitchy, or work alone both like me.

"I  would know if there are other vampires in town." I say.

"Well maybe there hiding under your nose and you just can't see it."  Ash said. Now he was the one smirking. That could be, I thought, but I"m  a better tracker than that, I would defiantly know something.

"Tell me everything about the council, and the vampire attacks." I demand.

Ash smirks and says "Might as well sit down, this is gonna be awhile."


 When Jace asked me out I was excited. I like him but its because he also reminds of someone I met awhile back. I dated him, but when a vampire I once new was trying to make me miserble, he killed him. That's why I never date, I can't just turn off the switch to my humanity and be a ripper. I care to much to do that. Jace took me to the movies and we watched Paranormal Activity 4 in the theator. It was a good movie but it doesn't scare me being a vampire and all. I've seen scarier things and the fact that this is all fake and I'm the real monster. The movie was over and we were walking hand in hand, down the street side walk, not talking. It wasn't an akward silence either, it was a sweet silence. When we walked back to his car, he opened the door for me to get in, and I did. It was very hard to find gentlemen these days. We were talking in the car about life, family and everything! I thought that I could really love him until he walked me up to the door.

"Thanks for the date, I had a really good time." I say to him smiling, I couldn't seem to stop it though.

"Ya I did to, but I was hoping you would be scared so I could put my arm around you." Jace said to me laughing. I smiled at that.

"Well, next time I will act like it for your sake." I say. He laughed just as he leaned down and whispered "Do you know how pretty you look?" Just before kissing me. It was getting really hot until I accidently nipped his lip with my tooth. That's when I tasted his blood. I alomost didn't pull back until he grunted. I pulled back immediatly, taking notice to the fangs and my eyes. I turn around but not before he asked me about my eyes.

"Its nothing just something in my eye." The same excuse I always use, but hey, rather that then be hunted. I was cooling myself down when he turned my face towards him. Good thing my fangs aren't out anymore. My eyes stopped veining and returned to normal, just in time too.

"Uh, I have to go now. I had alot of fun really," I say before going inside and leaning against the door. I move and wait till Izzy and Bridgette get home. It isn't to long before they do. That's when the answers come.

"Bayn and Ash know. Jace doesn't though, he's safe." But it won't take him long until he does.

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