On my way to London (ON HOLD)

I was on my way to the plane that was taking me and my family to Mexico for 6 months. When my dad grabs my arm and guides me on to the plane I take a nap. To wake up to see 5 faces looking down at me.

I hope you like my fan fiction!


2. You want me to stay here for awhile?

                                                     Louis's P.O.V

                She was adorable I didn't want her to leave just yet! So I told her she could stay with us! But I could see it in Harry's eyes he liked her,but hey he had a girlfriend! (I'm mixing it up a bit so yea ) It was a few more minutes before we landed when we did Harry tried to find her luggage but they didn't have it. ''Oh shit!'' she cursed ''What's wrong, love?'' I asked her. ''They must have sent it to Mexico! Good thing I carry money and a few extra clothes it my carry on!'' Wow she was cute and prepared! When we got to our flat,we decided that Sophie was going to sleep in the guest room. I really wanted  her to room with me.  It was already 8:00 pm so we all got into the flat and turned on the telly. '' Why don't we all watch a scary movie ?! Paranormal Activity 3!''I screamed

                                                            Sophie's P.O.V

               ''Umm I don't really like scary movies.'' I said. ''It's okay love, I'll be here to protect you!''Louis screamed. He was always really funny and immature.I really liked that! I went and sat next to Louis for the movie while Liam put the DVD in. When something randomly popped out on the screen I screamed then Louis wrapped his arm around my waist tight.And before I knew it I was on his lap and I was asleep, my head on his shoulder.

                                                       Louis's P.O.V

                 She looked so cute sleeping on my shoulder. I'm happy she let us watch a scary movie so I could cuddle with her every once and a while.From the corner of my eyes I could see Harry glaring at me but I just brushed it off.I cared her to the guest bed and I tucked her in.When I was turning around to leave she said ''Can you please sleep with me?''. ''Yea sure, love.'' I took off my shirt and then crawled  in beside her.She cuddled up onto my chest and I put my arm around her waist.I quickly fell asleep to the smell of her hair.

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