On my way to London (ON HOLD)

I was on my way to the plane that was taking me and my family to Mexico for 6 months. When my dad grabs my arm and guides me on to the plane I take a nap. To wake up to see 5 faces looking down at me.

I hope you like my fan fiction!


10. You did what????!!!!!

                                    Harry's POV

             When I got the door it was the rest of the boys. "Hey mates, do you mind just staying in and ordering some pizza?" I asked. "Yea I'm fine with it." Liam said "Yea me too as long as I get food."Niall said. "Yea." Zayn said. I lead them to the living room. "Where's Sophie?" Liam asked. I then told them the story and you wouldn't believe how mad the boys were. "WHAT THE HELL LOUIS!?!?!?" All of them screamed at once. "It was a mistake!I didn't mean to ..... okay I'm just sorry." Louis said defending himself. "Whatever." Liam said walking down the hallway while rolling his eyes.


                              Liam's POV

        "Sophie? Are you okay in there?" "Just go away!"   she yelled from the door. 

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