On my way to London (ON HOLD)

I was on my way to the plane that was taking me and my family to Mexico for 6 months. When my dad grabs my arm and guides me on to the plane I take a nap. To wake up to see 5 faces looking down at me.

I hope you like my fan fiction!


8. Who are you?!

                                         Harry's P.O.V

                   I was getting dressed when all of a sudden I heard "YOU SLUT!!" Then a cry of pain.I ran out of my room to remember that I only had boxers on. "Harry I could do much better then this whore. Why on earth would you choose her?!?!"Olivia said smiling at me. "GET OUT! OR I CALL THE COPS!" I yelled. "Fine be that way!" She said walking out.I then noticed Sophie in the corner sobbing uncontrollably."What happened Soph?" I whispered to her. "I - I - I think she b-b-b broke m-my arm." I took her arm in my hands."STOP,STOP!!!!! IT HURTS!!Please?" I quickly let go of it. And just at that exact moment Louis came tumbling in from the front door snogging Eleanor.I didn't want to know how Sophie felt right then.


 ------------------------------------  Author's Note's  --------------------------------------------

 Sorry the chapter was so short! I will try to update on each of my movellas every day. But since I have 5 or 6 I might only be able to update twice on each movella every week. But this year my home room teacher doesn't really give out homework which means...... MORE UPDATING!!!!! YAY!!! :) So yea! Hope you liked this chapter and I added a few things to the chapter before this so re-read the 7th chapter. sorry about that! 

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