On my way to London (ON HOLD)

I was on my way to the plane that was taking me and my family to Mexico for 6 months. When my dad grabs my arm and guides me on to the plane I take a nap. To wake up to see 5 faces looking down at me.

I hope you like my fan fiction!


1. May I ask you, where am I?I

                                                       Sophie's P.O.V

                     I woke up to my mum screaming '' Wake up soph!!!!!!''. I really didn't want to wake but then I remembered that today was the day we were flying down to Mexico! I couldn't wait!!!! I woke up and looked in the mirror and decide that I would just stay in my P.J's which was one of my dads old T-shirts. I grabbed my hair brushed and headed down stairs to the kitchen and grabbed an apple and got all my stuff and headed out into the van. I had one brother (17 Nate ), and two twin sisters ( 8 Annabeth, Isabelle.). We all piled into the van. I fell asleep on the way there so when I woke up I was groggy. I put on my brothers New Era hat and some sunglasses. I guess I was walking away from my family so my dad grabbed my arm '' Hey you weren't supposed to leave the group!'' He said to me. ''I'm sorry.'' I said as we were in our plane seats. Right when we sat in our seats I fell asleep again.

                                                          Harry's P.O.V 

 (Starting from the airport)               I looked at Paul our head security guard.''All right so Zayn your paired up with Harry,Niall with Liam and Louis your coming with me in case you get lost. So that means Zayn you should know where Harry is at at all times same with the rest of you. This airport is the busiest  in the country so STAY TOGETHER!'' Paul was like our father.Soon we were at the airport and me and Zayn were walking with everybody else towards the plane. We were sitting in the chairs outside of the entrance to the plane.I soon fell asleep only to get woken up.''Harry where's Zayn?'' Paul asked . I looked beside me where Zayn used to sit and now he was nowhere to be seen! ''Um I don't know exactly.'' I said nervously. ''Go look for him in the toilets and if you can't find him come right back okay?'' He said as quickly as he could ''Okay!!'' I yelled while I was running towards the toilets. I was still groggy from my little nap. But I saw Zayn's T-shirt that he was wearing this morning and his hat and sunglasses.I went over and said''Hey you weren't supposed to leave the group!!'' He wouldn't reply so  grabbed his arm and ran over to where our terminal was and we were now just boarding.I texted to Paul and said I had found Zayn. We finally got onto our private plane and me and Zayn sat beside each other. When I heard him '' I'm sorry.'' I went to sleep for the most of the plane ride.

                                                             Sophie's P.O.V

                               When I woke up I had my own seat.I looked around closest to the window there was nobody but on my right beside the aisle were five guys maybe a few older then me by a year? They were just looking at me.''I'm sorry but may I ask you where am I and who are you?'' ''Oh well I'm Liam that's Harry,Niall , Louis and Zayn.'' Liam said. Harry had curly hair, green eyes, Niall had blonde hair but you could see his brown roots, he had blue eyes, Liam had dark brown eyes, brown hair, Zayn had brown hair,brown eyes darker then Liam's and then there was Louis who had bright blue eyes that you could get lost in and brown hair.Louis had really caught my eye but I thought to myself, you don't even know who they are for all I knew was that they could be psychos! But something about their personalities just made me think they were nice people.'' Um one more question, where are we?'' I asked. '' Oh were in London!'' ''WHAT?!?!'' I screamed while pacing around on the plane. '' Why is that?'' Harry asked me. ''I'm supposed to be in Mexico having the time of my life.Not here with people I don't know!I'm supposed to be with my family!!'' I said.I was truly sad and I didn't know what to do. '' What's you name again babe?'' Niall asked. ''Oh sorry  Sophie but you can call me Soph!'' ''Do you have a place to stay?'' Harry asked. ''No but don't worry about me I'll find my way it's okay.'' '' No it would be our pleasure, all of us were going to share a flat anyways.It's pretty big so no need to be sorry.'' Louis said.''Okay and thank you really.'' I said. ''Oh no it's okay after Harry here pulled you onto this plane!''Louis exclaimed. It almost seemed as if he didn't want me to go.I just hope that's why.

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