On my way to London (ON HOLD)

I was on my way to the plane that was taking me and my family to Mexico for 6 months. When my dad grabs my arm and guides me on to the plane I take a nap. To wake up to see 5 faces looking down at me.

I hope you like my fan fiction!


6. Harry's POV

Me and Olivia decisieded that today we go and watch a movie. "How about Paranormal Activitiy 4 ?" I ask her. " Yea that sounds like a good movie!" She told me. I only thought if I were to go with Sophie then I could tell her how I would protect her. When I was with Olivia she was mean to everyone around her except me ocassionoly, but with Sophie she was kind, adorable , cute, funny and everything you could think of that was perfect. But right now I was with my girlfriend and it was true that I was going to break it off with her but just not right niw. When we got to the movies I couldn't belieave my eyes. Louis and Sophie were snogging each other in the back. I couldn't help but feel pissed off. Now I knew what I had to do,I had to make Sophie jealous. "Why don't we sit there?" I asked Olivia as I pointed to the spot just in front of Louis and Sophie. "Sure that seems good." Once we got to the seat I tryed to kiss her passonitly but she just pushed me away and said" I'm trying to watch yhe movie!" She was so loud and I felt my cheeks burning. " Olivia! Is that you?! You didn't call me yesturday after you came to my house!" He yelled to my girlfriend! " Buddy this is my girlfriend!" I said to him. " Who the hell are you?!" " If you didn't hear I'm her boyfriend!!" " NO YOUR NOT I AM!!!" He screamed to me. " I am sorry but it seems as if you three are disrupting the movie. Please leave." Said a man in a suit. All three of us got up and went to the lobby. I started walking to my car and Olivia was right behind me. " Sorry about that babe we could go to another movie theater if you would like?" She asked me smiling. " Get out of my car!!! And I never want to see your gce ever again!!" I screamed at her. She them got out and walked away. I then drove back to the flat and turned on the telly and eventully fell asleep on the couch. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Authors Message~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hello my little carrot friends!! Just wanted to say that this chapter was mostly s filler! Plus I wanted to know what all of you are going to be for Halloween! Im going as a kitty cat! Please tell me in the comment section bellow!! Thx yall and i hope that you liked this chapter! Love lots your carrot princess
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