How to survive

On the outside she has a seeminly normal life, well, maybe a few strange friends, one which loves revenge, a too-smug-for-your-own-good partner in tutor, the personification of irritation itself, who seems to have a thing for bugging her every waking hour of school. Oh yeah and not to mention the so called “hot shot” school news reporter seems to have taken a very uncanny interest in her.

Okay... Normal-ish...

However if you look closer Lui is cursed with the blood of Kazahana Family, a family which has been murdering each other for the family's fortune.
How will she survive her last year at Secondary school when having to face off with participants in the family battle each night?

Genres: Humor, Action

(Based on Kazahana Family Mass Battle so all rights go to their maker, person, thing, whatever you call them)


2. A normal school day

A/N : Things will be clearer later on. Also I probably won't beable to update in a while. And there will be battles and stuff aswell. Comment at the bottom if you want me to write anything or make a certain character, or whatever.



“Hey! Lui, can you do me a tiny favour?” She pleaded to me like a 5 year old girl, even though we were the same age.

“Don’t tell me” I paused to add in a sigh “You dumped your boyfriend over something or other and now you want me to help get revenge on him?”

Shannon, how many ex boyfriends do you have now? Can’t you keep one guy for more than four days?!

Shannon was the blonde princess of our school with aqua blue eye, clear like crystals. She isn't really a princess, but so popular with the boys that I call her the school princess.

“NO! I can’t believe you of all people would think I could do something like that?”

Really?! No more stupid pranks?

“You seriously think I would just leave it at that?! Revenge doesn’t even cover half of what I’m planning!” Her voice was normally a cute, childish tone but on occasions, like this, she sounded like she was about to send some unfortunate soul into the depths of hell. Even Darren didn’t deserve such a horrible fate, and that right there is saying something because I hated his guts so much I could gut him alive.

No pun intended.

Anyways, back on subject, I had face palmed so hard that you could hear the sound of my hand smashing my skull in, all the way from Pluto.

Still imitating a devil like voice “Come now! Let us being our war in the LSSH!” she screamed loud enough for me, who had already retreated to the school fence now, to hear, before breaking into a manic laugh and consequently choking up a hair ball.

Why am I still friends with you?

Wait, why is there no one around?

I checked my watch.

Oh. Dearie. Me. I. Am. Screwed.

Only now had I realised I was five minutes late and tutor was a very long way from the gate.



“Miss Lui! You’re late, again!” Mrs Peters emphasized the “again” part as I had now been late 5 times. Straight.

If it was any normal teacher they’d have given me an after school detention the first time, but Mrs was different, she understood our problems and that we were all human and make mistakes.

“Planner” she exclaimed, surprising me.

“What, but, I thought you said it was okay to have one or two bad days?” I pleaded to her.

“Yes, but not many people have a bad week” she claimed my planner and wrote in my detention.

“After school, 20 minutes” Mrs announced.

At least it isn’t an hour det.

I returned to my seat in time to catch Sammy laughing. I gave a don’t-even-think-about-it glance towards her.

Sammy sat next to my desk, she was normally the one who came later than me but this time she beat me to the cream.

Reddish- brown hair covered her shoulders and cascaded down to her chest, which framed her hazel eyes, unfortunately for her, it made her look as smug as ever.

Shannon, I think we have another victim!



Just casually walking somewhere... Nothing suspicious going on.

Awkwardly, I stiffly paced my steps making sure I soundlessly maneuverered passed all teachers who guarded the school at lunch time.

Relived, I sighed as I pass through the last corridor.

Target located!

Of course, I, of all peopl, knew better than to leap out of the shadows, instead I had checked either side of the "T" junction.

Left side, check, right side, check. All clear!

As soon as I had calculated that it was okay, I made a dash for the girl’s toilet, a.k.a. "mine and Shannon's secret hideout for planning the demise of our archenemies", but we always used codes so that other people couldn't figure out where we went and our code name for the hideout was "LSSH".

And, it was way easier to say than "mine and Shannon's secret hideout for planning the demise of our archenemies".

The only down side was that we had to dodge the eyes of the staff since we weren't allowed in the toilets at lunch, only break, but, on the other hand, nobody else was here to pry on our evil plans- I mean, funny pranks.

Quietly I gently closed the door behind me, to make sure I didn't make any noise or attract attention from the "guards" outside, but I noticed that a certain long haired school princess was not around.

"Shannon?" I whispered.

... She's definetly here...

"Shannon?" I repeated it louder this time.


Shannon was never quiet, the only times she was, was when it was important or upset. By now I was getting a bit worried because I could hear the heavy breathing of someone, but who?

The cubicles were layered in a way that prevented people from seeing anything other than the wall in front of them. Slowly I crept from the door to get a look at who was there, and who had heard my voice.

Pushing my back against the cubical on my left, I turned my head squinting to see. The girl’s toilet (or our LSSH) had a long row of toilets that were placed against the wall between the corridor and here which made it hard to examine who was there, but I could still manage to make out a feminine figure in an all black outfit.

Who's that? Is it...

It wasn't a good idea to stay for much longer.

Tip toeing three steps to the door before I made myself scarce, I didn't think to check my surroundings and had slammed my head into something hard.

Ow. That’s gonna leave a bump.

Rubbing my sore head, I sat there not thinking to wonder what I bashed into.

"Lui? What are you doing here?"

Huh? That definitely isn't a teacher and I don't recognise it from anywhere. How does he know my name?

"Who are you?" I slowly lifted my head.

And standing there was Zack Ronar THE hot shoot news reporter at school. Even though he was the same age as me, he was a genius, won god knows how many trophies for his articles, and had been able to find the most secretive secrets at school (minus our evil plans- I mean, funny pranks), but not only that, he could make almost any girl grow hearts in their eyes.

However, there are still a few of us who didn't get the omg-I-have-to-become-like-the-most-girlish-girl-just-for-him disease, and that list includes me and my friends.

"Oh. Sorry" I mumbled, as I turned to go to the hall.


He was staring, and I could feel it.

And just for the record, it was not a good stare, I could also feel that I should be careful for the next week...

Zack gave me the creeps.

If word got out about... no, that couldn’t happen, the superiors of the battle would just...



"Shannon, I thought you we were meeting in the LSSH?" I asked, leaning towards her desk behind mine.

"Sorry, I got caught" she mouthed, trying not to attract any attention from the teacher.

"By who?"

Please don't tell me that Zack's on to us already!

"Mr Cell"

I sighed.

"Well, I think we should bec-" for a split second I paused, noticing Miss Parker walking towards us.

 "Tell ya later" I voiced in a low tone as I spun back to the list of equations and graphs on my desk.



"Lui, you are very smart, you listen well, you’re a model student, but you need to arrive on time!" Mrs Peter scolded with her arms crossed.

I was glad I had Mrs Peter as tutor. Otherwise I would have gotten an immeasurable amount of detentions already.

"I'm sorry"

I stood in my tartan skirt, white blazer and neatly done tie, I was a "model student" but nobody ever teased me, mostly because they never noticed me, even when I was with Shannon, who was practically worshipped by the boys.

Well...unless you count Sammy and Darren, who were both annoying, but at least one of them had been ill today.


"Lui, please remember to be on time on Monday"

"Yes, Mrs" I said before I left, it was 3:40 and the second bus at the school gates would leave in 5 minutes.



Because of winter, it was already dark and cold. I breathed heavily as I watched the scene move from the window, I had almost missed the bus.

Silently, I sat with my bag in my lap, stared at the school that was getting smaller and smaller with each second as it drove to the shopping centre. It was nice that it was quiet for once. No screaming girls watching Justin Bibber’s latest music video, nobody starting brawls in the back, not even the sound of gossiping, but I couldn't help but wonder if I truly was alone...

My skin was starting to crawl and I wasn't sure if it was just because it was cold.

I looked behind me.

No one.


My heart almost stopped. I almost died from the horror.

Slowly I turned round to face foward again.

"Oh, hi, I didn't see you for a moment" Smiling flakily in an atempt to cover up my paling face.

It was Zack...

"Really" he smiled stiffly as well, before quietly muttering "I wonder about that"


"I’ve never seen you on the bus so late" he questioned. I saw a flicker in his eye.

"Well, stuff happened" I clutched my bag tighter.

"What stuff?" he smiled inoccently.

"I don't think that's any of your business" I said calmly while turning my eyes to the window.

Why is he here?

"Is that why you keep it so secret?" he laughed casually.


"I guess it's not Shannon's business then, either"

! ...

 I was beginning to worry.

"What are you talking about?" I light heartiedly laughed, falsly.

He smiled.



Straight after our conversation, he'd had got off the bus, leaving me to think.

Did he? ... No, that's impossible... Nobody from outside of the "family" knows... Could it be about Frankie?

I needed to talk to Shannon as soon as possible.



Comment at the bottom if you want me to write anything or make a certain character, or whatever.

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