How to survive

On the outside she has a seeminly normal life, well, maybe a few strange friends, one which loves revenge, a too-smug-for-your-own-good partner in tutor, the personification of irritation itself, who seems to have a thing for bugging her every waking hour of school. Oh yeah and not to mention the so called “hot shot” school news reporter seems to have taken a very uncanny interest in her.

Okay... Normal-ish...

However if you look closer Lui is cursed with the blood of Kazahana Family, a family which has been murdering each other for the family's fortune.
How will she survive her last year at Secondary school when having to face off with participants in the family battle each night?

Genres: Humor, Action

(Based on Kazahana Family Mass Battle so all rights go to their maker, person, thing, whatever you call them)


1. A certain family called Kazahana

The Kazahana family fortune was locked away over 600 years ago and it had been decided that only one decedent will inherit it. However the decedents of Kazahana have multiplied and spread throughout the world, and with only a year left till the inheritor will be chosen, the members of the Kazahana family have begun to murder each other in what is known as the Kazahana Family Mass Battle.

All Kazahana family members will be automaticly entered into the battle.

Once entered, you cannot withdraw from the battle.

Participents will kill each other using the Kazahana Infonet Datapads, a device that helps track other Kazahana family members, untill one is left standing and only then will the chosen decendent obtain the fortune.


A/N I know I copied the beginning paragraph from the life1 productions intro, but that is only a small bit and the only thing i copied, apart from the idea, so copy right goes to them, the next chapter is mine (minus the idea, again).

Comment at the bottom and tell me wat'cha think:)

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