louis vs mother

You and Louis met at one of his concerts and instantly fell in love, but after Elanor came to surprise Louis and you out of control with Louis you only punch him,now your pregnant and your mom stepping in and threatening to kill you,your baby and Louis will you guys stay together or will you move on with out Louis so you can get out of this madness?????



Your mom's POV:

I was doing the dishes when the phone rang.


Your mom: Hello?

You: Hey mom I need to tell you something

Your mom: Hey hun what is it

You: Ummmmm I-I-I'm

Your mom: (y/f/n) You better not be pregnant missy and if you are I'm gonna kill you,Louis and when the child is born I'm gonna kill it too!

After that I hung up on (y/n) i was so mad at her I can't believe that the little slut got pregnant she is only 19 and the next time I see her she, Louis, and the baby are gonna get it. The phone rings again and it's Louis this time I can hear (y/n) in the background baling her eyes out, Louis was trying to get me to talk to her but I told him no and to tell her she was an ugly slut that she is fat and I hung up again frustrated and mad that my daughter out of all people got pregnant.

Your POV:

I can't believe my mom just said that at this point I'm in my room crying when Louis comes in rushes over and picks me up bridle style and carries me over to the bed he sat me on his lap and I cried into his chest as he comforts me. 

Louis: (y/n) love what happened?

He said in a very low tone.

You: My..my... mom thr..threatened t-t-to k-k-k-kill us

You stuttered put crying even more Louis got up and called my mom I could hear her yelling at him the hanging up.

You: what d-did s-s-she say

You say trying to calm your self down

Louis: She told me to tell you that your at ugly slut and your fat

I look up at Louis and started to shake and tremble I couldn't think right known that my moms out to get me.

*7 months later*

Me and Louis thought it was a good idea to try to call my mom again we haven't talked to her in about 7 months. Her words haunting me everyday. I look at my baby bump and sigh hoping Louis didn't notice.

Louis: You look beautiful no matter what don't ever think different

He said giving me a quick peck on the lips. I was just about to pick up the phone when my mom bursts through the door with anger in her eyes!

*A/N* As soon as this is posted im updating another chapter! oh and I know parents wouldn't threaten to kill you it just added a lot of action in the story enjoy.


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