louis vs mother

You and Louis met at one of his concerts and instantly fell in love, but after Elanor came to surprise Louis and you out of control with Louis you only punch him,now your pregnant and your mom stepping in and threatening to kill you,your baby and Louis will you guys stay together or will you move on with out Louis so you can get out of this madness?????


4. Sorting things out!

You POV: Next day

When you woke up Liam was gone you were tired and stressed out, so you didn't really care. You walk out to see Paul,Louis,Liam,Zayn,Naill,Harry, and Danielle on the couches.

Louis: Oh My God (y/n) I'm so sorry for what i've done to you i've been stressed out that i couldn't control my anger, I'm soo sorry i didnt cheat on you she came over for supportand she kept getting close to me just befor you came in I was about to and then when they told me you pregnent I think I was in shock and didnt know how to react I understand if you dont like....

You cut him off by running into his arms and kiss him passionatly that you didnt even notice that everyone left the room to let you guys sort everything out.

You: Louis I'm sorry for almost punching you I love you dont ever forget that

Louis: (y/n) I know I love you too, if i didnt have you i wouldnt be becoming a daddy. You hear that little buddy

He say kneeling down to kiss your stomach. You were glad that you and Louis sort everything out now you had bigger problems between Paul and your parents. Your parents always said your to young to have a child. You and Louis sit on the couch and wait for louis to text everyone that they could conme in but the only person who came in was Paul, you guys look at each other and hoped for the best.

Paul: Louis and (y/n) I respect that you want to keep the child and everything and I don't want you guys to get into anither fight so I'm really happy for you guys and so are the boys

You had a great big smile on your face almost in tears You look at Louis who is also smiling and then jump up and give Paul a big hug. After you pull away you jump in Louis arms and hug him tight glad that Paul has exscepted the baby.

*Next Day*

You and Louis talked last light and decided to call your mom.


Mom: Hello?

You: Hey mom I have to tell you something

Mom: Hey hun what is it?

You: Ummmm I-I-I'm

Mom: (y/f/n) You better not be pregnent missy if you are I'm gonna kill You,Louis, and when the baby is born I'll kill it too!!!

*A/N* This maybe short but I'm gonna post another chapter after about 15 mins! Most parents wont be like this it's just for the story and i love Eleanor I think she is a amzing so no hate on her!!!!

Once again sorry for spelling and grammer i'm gonna stop doing this after each chapter so ya you get the point of there is im sorry lol =)


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