louis vs mother

You and Louis met at one of his concerts and instantly fell in love, but after Elanor came to surprise Louis and you out of control with Louis you only punch him,now your pregnant and your mom stepping in and threatening to kill you,your baby and Louis will you guys stay together or will you move on with out Louis so you can get out of this madness?????


1. Preface How you guys met

You and Louis met at one of his concerts in (y/c/n). You were singing back stage to more then this when Louis solo came up and started to sing to you personally.

Louis-you have a amazing voice love what's you name love?

You-(y/n)" you say as you blush.

Louis-what a lovely name (y/n) would you and you friends like to hang out with me and the boys tonight?

you look at you look over at your friends who were listening to your conversation and had there heads nodding.

You- we'd love to

Louis- great come back with me now

you nod and signal your friends to come with you. You and your friends exchange numbers with the boys. Then headed to you seats to watch the concert.

Louis picked you and your friends up about 3 hours later on their tour bus.

The boys- hello ladies

they all greet you when you and your friends walked on the bus. You hugged all the the boys but you notice that Louis something was different about Louis it had a lot of feeling,and it lasted longer. The boys set up a romantic dinner fir you and all your friends.

You- thank you for doing this Louis its amazing

Louis- No problem your all amazing ladies and deserve things like this

You blush and continue eating until Louis got up

You- Whats wrong Lou

Louis- Nothing me and the boys are going to set up a scary movie

Louis left and it was just you and your friends they were so blown away then they called you in. You look to see where Louis was and he nodded his head for you to sit next to him so you did. The movie was Scream 4, that movie was really scary so you snuggled into his chest for protection. A scary part came up and you jumped and screamed a little as you hid into Louis chest.

Louis- its okay calm down its just a movie I'll protect you, I know this is kinda fast but will you be my girlfriend?


You guys get up and he twirls you around and kisses you passionately

Everyone- Awwwwwww

Zayn- You got yourself a keeper

Zayn said as he got up and patted Louis on the shoulder breaking us apart. That was the start of your relationship!!!!!!

*A/N* Let me know what you think???? There is A LOT more stuff to come up and I hope I get to share them with you all!!! =)






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