louis vs mother

You and Louis met at one of his concerts and instantly fell in love, but after Elanor came to surprise Louis and you out of control with Louis you only punch him,now your pregnant and your mom stepping in and threatening to kill you,your baby and Louis will you guys stay together or will you move on with out Louis so you can get out of this madness?????


2. LOUIS!!!!!!!!!

1 year later: Day before your anniversary.

You and Danielle are out shopping while the boys are at the hotel room playing video games.  Right now you guys are in California on tour. While your out shopping you give a few fans autographs and pictures when they ask. Some people are giving you gifts because they know that  you and Louis anniversary is tomorrow.

You: Thanks guys but we have to go back to the hotel we are so grateful of all the support and we love you guys soooooo much

You and Danielle leave as security takes you away and back to the hotel.

You: Danielle?

Danielle: Ya whats wrong?

You: Do you think that Louis forgot about our anniversary I mean he never talked about it I'm getting worried

Danielle: I don't know (y/n) I mean he shouldn't forget something that special but you never know

You were almost at the hotel and you and Danielle walk into the hotel room to find the boys yelling at the video game there playing. You just stood there the boys didn't even notice you and Danielle.

You and Danielle: Ummm boys

Boys: Oh hey ladies

Louis: did you buy me anything (y/n)

You: Yes I bought your heart

Louis: Very funny you

He picks you and kisses you until you fall out of his arms.

You: LOUIS!!!!!!!!

You say as you fall to the ground and hit your head on the wall and that's all you remember.

*A/N* I know Danielle and Liam broke up but I wrote this a while ago. Forever Payzer!!!!

Sorry if there is spelling mistakes ect.


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