louis vs mother

You and Louis met at one of his concerts and instantly fell in love, but after Elanor came to surprise Louis and you out of control with Louis you only punch him,now your pregnant and your mom stepping in and threatening to kill you,your baby and Louis will you guys stay together or will you move on with out Louis so you can get out of this madness?????


3. Cheating??????

When you wake up your in the hospital surround by the boys except for Louis.

You: Where's Louis?

You say barley loud enough that you can hear it.

Niall: He's at the hotel with...

You:With who?

Liam: This isn't easy to say (y/n) but the only reason he dropped you is because Elanor came in the hotel room

You: He's cheating on me

You say breaking down into tears.

Harry: I think so I'm really sorry (y/n)

After that you started crying even more until the doctor came in.

Doctor: Excuse me (y/n) but did you know that your 4 weeks pregnant.

You: WHAT!!??

Doctor: Umm I'll leave the you guys alone so you can talk

You: WAIT!

Doctor: Yes

You: When can I leave 

Doctor: in about 30 minutes

The doctor left and you just sat there shocked then completely broke down into tears

Zayn: (y/n) did you know

you just nodded no. The doctor came in and told you you could go so Liam helped you get into the car as you had to figure out away to tell Louis.You were shaking really badly that's when they all came up to you.

Liam; calm down you'll be fine we will be here for you if things don't work out with Louis okay?

You:  I guess

It was silent the whole way back to the hotel until the car stopped in front of the hotel and you were shaking even more.

Danielle: Its fine we will be right outside if something happens

You walk into the hotel room to find Louis and Elanor cuddling on the couch until he saw you

Louis: (y/n) it's not what it looks like

You: really because i just saw you cuddling with her!!!

Louis: (y/n) please

You: NO!!

right after you said that you were just about to punch him until the boys came in

All: (y/n) STOP!!

All the boys gathered around you trying to hold you back and they finally managed to walk you out of the room. You were almost to your and Louis shared room when you broke down into tears and collapsed on the floor out of the boys arms.

Harry: (y/n) it's okay we can tell him if you want us too

He says as he kneels down to give you his hand to help you up

You: Please...but I want someone in here just in case he gets even more mad

Harry: Okay Liam and Zayn will stay

You Liam and Zayn go sit on the bed you cry into Liam's shoulder until you hear Louis scream


Harry: In the bedroom

You hear Louis come up the hall way

Louis: (Y/N)!

You hear him, come in and Zayn leave, You look up at Liam.

Liam: Don't worry I'll be right outside okay

He gets up and shuts the door, you wipe the tears of your face as Louis sits next to you.


He screams at you pulling you up by the arm.

You: Today please don't hurt me

you have NEVER seen Louis this angry ever!!!


He continues screaming at you until he throws you against the wall you scream in pain

You: LIAM!!!

All the boys rush in the room and get Louis off of you.


Your standing there in shock until you fall to the ground in pain.

Liam:(y/n) your okay were not gonna let him near you

He lifts you up and sets you on the bed.

You: Liam?

Liam: Yes love?

You: Stay with me I can't be alone

He comes over to you as you lay on his chest crying that's all you remember as you drift off to sleep.

*A/N* I love Louis and he probably wouldn't do that but it is just for the story enjoy!!!!!

Sorry for spelling or grammar =)





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