A poem about a broken girl after being used by the one she loved.


1. Broken

I never dare have thought,
That you would be the one.
To use me for yourself,
To break me down to nothing.


I don't wish to speak,
I don't wish to think.
I only have one request,
For you to tell me.


Tell me why I'm useless,
Tell me why you did it.
You told me that you loved me,
Or were they all just lies?


It seems in my mind,
That the answer is clear.
That you are just heartless,
That's why you stole mine.


But why me?
Why did you have to do this?
You already knew I was broken,
Or was that just the point?


Did it feel good?
Did if make you feel strong?
To knock me to the floor,
And then kick me til' I cried.


But that didn't take much at all,
To break my emotional barrier.
You knew I was on the edge,
And yet you pushed me off.


I hope you're happy,
I hope you're pleased.
Cause I certainly cannot forget,
The way you made me feel.

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