The Other Side

Nicole. That's what I call myself. I don't know what my real name is because I was left alone, abandoned at such a young age. I think my mother died or was murdered because she would never leave me. But who knows, she could be searching for me. Street by street. Town by town. Heart by heart.


2. The Plan

Sprinting through the forest, leaves get tangled in my shoes which now have two large holes torn into them. Finally. I catch my breath. Panting, I lift my pounding head and there before me is the highway I once was abandoned on. My eyes water, my hands tingle with sweat, and before I knew it, tears were streaming down my scratched face. My knees grow weak and I collapse to the ground with sadness gleaming in my eyes. I remember what had happened to me and I cry harder. And harder. Then, my heart shatters to pieces.

Wiping the very last tear from my rosy red, swollen cheeks, I quickly remember my plan. Okay. I need to first hitch a ride to the nearest telephone. Then, I will call a taxi to pick me up and bring me to Cloveville, where I used to live. Where my mother might be. Then, I will see how it goes from there. Quickly, I force myself to stand on my bruised feet when... a car almost hits me. How could I be so oblivious? The shiny, black car pulls over and a tall, thin man steps out cautiously. He has brown hair, no facial hair except for neatly groomed sideburns, and a soft warm grin. He steps closer to me. I step away. He steps closer. I step away. "Please..." He says welcoming. I still remain nervous and silent. I want to run back into the forest and hide in my box forever, but my legs lock and are glued to the cold pavement. He continues, "Please be more careful." I nod ever so slightly in agreement. "We wouldn't want you to be killed would we now?" he say. Killed, murdered, died. Mom. Thoughts rush through my mind. "W-what's y-y-your n-name?" I manage to mutter. "Anthony Williams." He replies. Williams. It sounds so familiar. Where have I heard it from? Then, it hits me, like a rock pounding into my chest. My mouth dries. My body goes numb. My heart rate rises. Williams. That's my last name. Is he related to me?

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