The Other Side

Nicole. That's what I call myself. I don't know what my real name is because I was left alone, abandoned at such a young age. I think my mother died or was murdered because she would never leave me. But who knows, she could be searching for me. Street by street. Town by town. Heart by heart.


5. Next to her

"Oh." I say. I feel horrible. I should have known. I begin crying along with my teary father. My eyes blur and I drift into a short day dream. I begin dreaming about my mother, what she looked like, what she acted like, how she loved. I picture her smile when... The car jolts to a stop. I feel a sharp pain in my chest, my heart stopped. The air bags slap my face. My dad is frozen and once again I fall asleep. Asleep forever.

Vaguely, I see a bright white light growing as a look. It surrounds me, enveloping me with peace. Some one grabs my hand. Dad. He looks at me with a look of concern yet happiness. I know we are dead. We walk towards golden gates that tower ahead of us. They open quietly and swiftly. Without hesitation, we enter through the beautiful entrance. Suddenly, a gorgeous woman with a white gown of satin, long wavy brown hair, and eyes like the sea, appears. She welcomes us with a grin showing her perfect pearly teeth. She walks towards me and takes me hands. She looks deep into my eyes as if searching for an answer, but I knew she was just comforting me. I have a sudden urge to jump into her arms and feel the warmth of her comfort. To look back at her, straight into her beautiful eyes. But why? Then, I figure out the answer. Her soft and supple palms reassure me that she is part of my family. That she is my mother.

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