The Other Side

Nicole. That's what I call myself. I don't know what my real name is because I was left alone, abandoned at such a young age. I think my mother died or was murdered because she would never leave me. But who knows, she could be searching for me. Street by street. Town by town. Heart by heart.


4. Memories

Both my dad and I get into the car as he starts the engine. Just as my eyes dry and my sobbing dies down I ask the question that would answer it all. The question I never had answered my whole life. The question that I longed for an answer. A reason. "Dad?" Nothing. I ask again. "Dad?" Still nothing, but I decide to ask anyways. "Where is..." I swallow hard. "...where is m-mom?" No answer. I tap his shoulder and look into his eyes. He is crying. I have never seen a tough, grown man cry before. Maybe a few sobs or weeps but never crying. I was shocked. I feel terrible inside for asking but I desperately need to know. "She'" he begins. "She's not...she's not alive." My heart sinks.

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