The Other Side

Nicole. That's what I call myself. I don't know what my real name is because I was left alone, abandoned at such a young age. I think my mother died or was murdered because she would never leave me. But who knows, she could be searching for me. Street by street. Town by town. Heart by heart.


1. What I Remember

I don't exactly remember why I was left on the street at age three in a tattered cardboard box. I just remember hearing the cars and trucks roar past me, not a single one stopping to save me. My name is Nicole, well that's what I call myself. Building up the courage, I finally tripped out of the box and ran to the thick, moss green forest behind me. And now I am here, living in that same box in the forest with scarcely anything to eat. I try to find small birds to munch on to satisfy my grumbling stomach. Every night I wonder, Where is my mother now? Living in a rich house? Eating at a soup kitchen? Or, what I thought all along...Is she in Heaven? But, those questions remain unanswered, until I find her.

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