Half a life

16 and about to die the next day, Lady Jane dreams of an Angel, who tells her that she will not die until she fufills her destiny, in an all too realistic for confort way. Maybe she wasn't going to die tomorrow? But what must she "Fulfill"?

//This is well, i'm not even sure where this story is surpose to go but in a nut shell: it is Lady Jane Grey's exicution (and the day before) with a few added stuff which might go into a longer story.

And just to say, i do NOT write in this style when i write a long story, i only did this kinda thing because i felt like it.

Mostly cuz for last period i had History and we were learning a bit about her and wrote a dialog of the people at her exicution, so i decided to write a small story based on that, only changing one of the character's names.//


1. A foot in hevan

Author's notes: Well, I have to say I don't usually write like this. -and this was inspired by my history lesson, so yh...




“Mistress, you should make haste” Dressed in a thickly layered white and black serving uniform, a frightened and panicked young girl stood inside a majestically decorated room painted in deep reds and summer orange, accompanying an uncannily calm, despite her situation, sixteen year old woman.

“Beatrice, worry not, fear not, in times like this you must think positively and carry on in a tranquil manner, for they shall leave you unharmed,” the maid did not, in any way, relax “nor shall they harm your friends” She, unlike her maid was covered by a lose fitting, snow white nightgown which softly rubbed against the covers of her bed.

“Mistress” she had begun, only to be intercepted.

“Beatrice, I would rather it if you called me Jane instead” softly voicing her words like a mother to daughter, she had positioned herself on the edge of the pillared bed so that her back had been tightened into a right-angled, just as taught by her parents.

“I-I-I cannot possibly allow myself to freely call Mistress so casually” Beatrice had stuttered out, for she, a mere maid who only scrubbed the floors and swept the dust, had been asked to call her majesty by her personal name. However stupidly she had been made out by others, she was on the contrary, a well brought up lady with a sharp mind and so she had easily seen that her mistress had become dishearten. Not wanting to cause her any discomfort during such a circumstance, in a quiet voice she slowly voiced her mistress’s wish.

“Miss Jane…”

Jane smiled warmly.

“… I am not worried of our safety. I would hope not that anyone could be worried of their own skins. We are worried for your sake, milady” Jane had now left her flowing orange hair fall into place as she tilted her head down, looking at her hands.

“The guards have reported that many soldiers have approached the border line and if you do not hurry they may catch you” With gloves as pale as her face she clasped her hands together creating a semi formed prayer.

“Beatrice, I can tell that you truly care for my wellbeing and I recognise this, however, I shan’t move an inch from this castle, from the people of England” she expressed herself solely with her words, knowing that many other workers were not as caring as Beatrice and would not take kindly towards her if they were to think her and she had become friends.

“Milady” Once more, she had been interrupted.                                                                                                      

“Jane!” Almost at tears, her majesty’s good friend, Eldora, had burst in.

“Jane! I rushed here as fast as I could when I heard” she cried, collapsing in front of Jane, ignoring Beatrice.

“What is it that bothers you so much that requires you to so abruptly enter my chambers” She giggled, still carrying her air of royalty around her.

“How, may I ask, can you still lark around at-at-at such a thing” she was not the brightest when it came to literature but more than making up for it in her skills with musical instruments, as shown by her struggle to find any words to describe what was going on.

“Why must everyone seem so upset?” Jane asked, sighing as she said.

“Do not think that, that, dare I say, that half hounded horse would spare as much as an ounce of pity for you!” She screeched, evidently trying to convince Jane to stop her nonsense.

“Eldora, you may not call the future Queen a “half hounded horse”, otherwise I cannot bear to think of the consequences” Sternly correcting her.

“Jane, you mustn’t allow her to be Queen, there is no other person more fit than you to rule this nation” She paused. “Edward the sixth was very intelligent, he knew Mary was corrupted”

“No, for she is the rightful heir” Growing tired she said. “I thank you for coming so quickly, however I will not change my mind, and hence forth you may rest in your chambers, the maids will make your bed”

As soon as the door closed, Jane’s silent tears fell…

“Where am I?

Why is it that I cannot see anything?

I am dreaming, am I not?”

She turned her head around, scanning for any substance within the vicinity of the void.

“Have I died yet?

However I do not have any relocation of it?

Maybe I have forgotten because I have died?”

There was nothing below her or above. It was just empty.

“Perhaps I’ve been sent to hell?

Is this my punishment?”

“No, it is not”

Whipping her head toward the source of the sound, a blinding light filled the void and in place of the emptiness was a blue sky and layers of clouds that seemingly stretched endlessly.

“May I ask who might you, whom have appeared out from the air, be?”

She directed the question to a robed woman, in pure white.

“My name is not of any importance” Her face was not visible thanks to the sun that shone behind her. “I am just a mere soul here”


“Yes I am”

“Does this imply that I too have-“

“No, I have come to tell you that you are not to become one yet and that you still have many things in the land of the living you must fulfil”

“I cannot help but ask what I could do”

“Are you not a Queen?”

“I am, however I still do not understand”

“I have said all that is to be said”

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