Spy Hole

It's World War Two and Willa has just lost her home and her family. So when Hitler is asking for spy recruits, she is the first to volunteer. When she is sent to England to find out anything and everything about the military soldiers there, she knows it will be hard but not this type of hard.


2. Songbird

  My first day started with a blur of meetings. Meeting after meeting entailed, each one as boring as the first. The other spy was a silent sort but I managed to find out that her name was Liza. She was sixteen, like me, and her family were all dead too. Her brother was fighting in the war and she had no means of knowing whether he was dead or alive. I would like to say I felt sorry for her but I couldn't even feel for myself. I was empty.

    The next thing they wanted us to do was training. Creeping around a blatantly fake army camp, we had to gather as many pieces of information as possible from the ‘soldiers’ situated around the campsite. This was meant to be a test to see how good we were but it wasn't much good considering how loud the ‘soldiers’ were.

   I crept around the camp, occasionally spotting Liza among the bushes. I smiled at her the first time but she didn't smile back. She had taken on a dreamy look, like she was somewhere far, far away and she was waiting for someone to get her out of her own private world.

   I gathered almost all the information straight away, giving me tons of time to kill before the bell donged, signalling that we could leave. I wandered around for a bit, with loss for something to do. It was then that I spotted the songbird up in a tree. The tree was real, the camp having been built outside.

   When you sing when a songbird is around, it will fall silent as soon as you sing and then repeat what you have sung, making it its own. I did so now, singing until the bird fell silent. But what the bird said surprised me. Instead of singing back at me, it talked to me. Four words:

‘He will kill you.'

  The fact that the songbird had spoken at all was a shock in itself. The words it said to me came as an after blow and for the first time in a very long while, I felt an emotion.


  This bird could not be right. I was here to do a job and get paid by Hitler, not get killed. It was merely a business trade, not something that could result in life or death. But deep inside me, I figured that I did not care in the slightest. Not one teeny tiny iota.

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