Spy Hole

It's World War Two and Willa has just lost her home and her family. So when Hitler is asking for spy recruits, she is the first to volunteer. When she is sent to England to find out anything and everything about the military soldiers there, she knows it will be hard but not this type of hard.


3. Nightmare

   The funny thing is, when I was lying in bed later that night in the cabin on the ship I was assigned, I realised that I had known this all along. I had come here because I wanted to die. There was not a single purpose left in the world for me to live for. My parents were gone, my brother blown to pieces by a land mine, my sister buried alive at her boyfriend’s house. What’s a girl like me to do?

   When I was finally able to fall asleep, it was to wake up half an hour later sweating and screaming. Quaking and shivering under my covers, I put my head back onto my soaking wet pillow. Turning over in my bed, I looked over at the sliver of moonlight shining through the curtains. It bathed the room with an eerie glow, reminding me of my dream.

      In my dream, I was with my family, my happy, crazy, klutzy family. It was amazing just to see their faces and I remembered them in such vivid detail. I reached out to them and they reach out to me. I touched each of their hands in turn, feeling their skin cool against mine.

   Then the very Earth started to rumble beneath us and we heard the bombs drop down on us. I screamed at them to run, fleeing for the door. I turned around to see one more goodbye to them only to watch them being buried alive, bits of their limbs and skin flying around.

   I was still quivering from my horrible nightmare the next morning. It wasn’t like these dreams were new to me; I had them all the time. It was just the fact that now, even six months after their tragic deaths, I was still having the dreams. It made me feel weak, vulnerable in a way. I hated myself for those dreams. The only chink in my armour, the only way I couldn’t succeed.

   Breakfast was served in the dining room next to the captain’s quarters. Liza was there; the dreamy look had faded slightly but was still definitely there. I wondered what her story was, her purpose for wanting to be in this boat, on our way to the English countryside. Beautiful, dangerous and thrilling. Yep, I lived for the danger, me. 

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