Spy Hole

It's World War Two and Willa has just lost her home and her family. So when Hitler is asking for spy recruits, she is the first to volunteer. When she is sent to England to find out anything and everything about the military soldiers there, she knows it will be hard but not this type of hard.


1. Introduction

   When Adolf Hitler announced to us Germans that he wanted spies recruited for his army, I offered immediately. I knew that home didn't have a place for me, since my family house was all but a pile of rubble, my family buried beneath it. This was my chance for revenge, my only option.

   I was offered a place as one of the two spies needed. I suppose this was meant to make me happy as my name was announced as if it should be a great honour. But somehow, I felt like an empty shell. Emptiness was the only thing I felt.

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