Right Here, Right Now

"Then I would take that star and make my wish come true."
My name is Olivia Carsons, and the past week has been pretty crazy for me. I met my favorite boy band, One Direction, I started dating Niall, and, well, too much happened. Even the worst thing, us finding out that my foster mother has cancer, has happened. But there is one thing that I fear. Niall and Louis, my childhood friend, still don't know that I promised to go with them to the Canfield Fair. If this can get any worse, what will happen if they find out? Does Louis have feelings for me? Do I have feelings for both of them? It all depends on what happens at the fair. (Second installment of The Start of Something New trilogy)


9. The news announces it

We've been waiting for ten minutes for Harry to give Louis a dare. Me, Emma, Becca, Alexa, and Dani were in her room waiting for them to call us down for the dare.

"I wonder what's taking him so long?" I ask.

"He normally takes this long if he's thinking of a really serious dare." Dani informs us.

I think about what the dare could be, then it comes to me. The dare might be for Louis to kiss me. My heart stopped for a millisecond. I was starring off into space. If he does this, it could hurt my relationship with Niall.

"Olivia. OLIVIA!" Alexa yelled.

"Wh...What?" I stutter.

"Harry has a dare. Come down." She says and leaves the room. I follow behind her. Don't let it be he has to kiss me. Don't let it be he has to kiss me. Don't let it be he has to kiss me. I continuously thought.

<Liam's POV>

"So what was your original dare?" I ask Harry in his room.

"Well, it was for Louis to kiss Olivia since he has feelings for her and..." He answers.


"I never thought about that." He says in an "I did know but won't say" voice. I roll my eyes.

"Just do a different dare. You can tell Lou about it in secret, and if he wants, he can do it. Just not in front of Niall. No girl has ever loved Niall as just a One Direction boy, but as him. Niall James Horan from Mullingar, Westmeath, Ireland. A fun, loveable, very hungry guy who happens to be a very good singer, and he'll do anything for her. That's how Olivia treats him. She's even the same for Louis." I state. Man, that was pretty deep and well-thought out. Man, I should be a relationship therapist.

"Alright. I'll do a different dare." Harry says. "How about he has to go to the busiest place here, wearing a shirt saying 'Free Hugs'."

"As long as it doesn't have to do with wrecking a relationship." I say and we go into the living room. Harry calls down the girls and we go into the living room.

I should tell Louis about the dare Harry originally planned. I was about to tap on his shoulder when he asks, "So what's my dare?"

"I dare you to go to the most busiest place in Canfield and wear a shirt that says 'Free Hugs' and we'll see how many hugs you can get." Harry answers. "Hey, what's that on the news?" He asks looking at the tv that we left on. We all walk over as the news reporter talks about the headline below, which says "1D MEMBER TAKEN"

"The rumors about One Direction's Niall Horan and the mystery girl have been satisfied. And they are true. Yes, girls, another member has been taken. The blonde Irish of the group has found his princess. This new girl just so happens to be 17 year old Olivia Carsons of local Canfield, Ohio. The two both confirmed it on Twitter stating that they're happy and that they both love each other."

"Well, now the whole world knows." Zayn says.

"Yeah. Come on, let's go to downtown." Austin cheers as we all get into our cars and we go to downtown Canfield. When we get there, I pull Louis over for a moment.

"Whatdya want?" He asks.

"Well, Harry's dare for you wasn't his orignial one." I tell him as he takes off his shirt to put on the "Free Hugs" one.

"What was it?" His voice getting concerned.

I take a deep breath and answer, "His original dare was for you to kiss Olivia in front of everyone."

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