Right Here, Right Now

"Then I would take that star and make my wish come true."
My name is Olivia Carsons, and the past week has been pretty crazy for me. I met my favorite boy band, One Direction, I started dating Niall, and, well, too much happened. Even the worst thing, us finding out that my foster mother has cancer, has happened. But there is one thing that I fear. Niall and Louis, my childhood friend, still don't know that I promised to go with them to the Canfield Fair. If this can get any worse, what will happen if they find out? Does Louis have feelings for me? Do I have feelings for both of them? It all depends on what happens at the fair. (Second installment of The Start of Something New trilogy)


12. Previewing the new album

"So now what?" Austin asks.

We looked around for a while, until Zayn spoke up. "We can sing songs from the new album."

Wait! Did he just say new album? Like they made another album? "And yes, we did make a new album. We finished it already. Just need to burn it onto a bunch of cds." Harry answers.

"Yeah. About a million or so." Liam adds. My mouth drops.

"Are you sure?" Alexa asks. "We'll be the first to ever hear anything from the album. But we promise not to tell anyone." Of course, Lex, you always have to be the responsible one.

"Okay. Liv, choose a number." Louis says to me.

"Why me?" I ask.

"Because it's you who got us all together. And if it wasn't for you to trip over my present and for Niall to bring you here, we wouldn't be singing the album. Or even speaking of the album. We would just be sitting around and I would still be moping around until the fair started." He answers.

"Well, I thank myself for tripping." I state. Which number to choose? I thought. "17. That's my soccer number."

"Uhhh...." Niall starts. "I don't think we can fit 17 songs onto one album. Try another one. But in the number range of 1-14."

"Fine. One. That's my second lucky number, besides 17." I answer.

"Okay." Harry says. "Boys, you know what we're singing, right?" All of them nod. "Alrighty then. Positions!"

I took my seat next to Emma and Becca, and the boys got into position. After a few seconds, a fast beat tune started playing, and they began to sing.

First Liam:
"Hey girl I'm waiting on ya. I'm waiting on ya.
C'mon and let me sneak you out.
And have a celebration. A celebration.
The music's up the windows down."

Now Zayn:
"Yeah, we'll be doing what we do
Just pretending that we're cool
And we know it too.
Yeah, we'll be doing what we do
Just pretending that we're cool
So tonight."

Now the chourus:
"Let's go crazy crazy crazy till we see the sun.
I know we only met but let's pretend it's love.
And never never never stop for anyone.
Tonight let's get some.
And live while we're young."

Then Harry sings at the end of the chourus:
"And live while we're young."

Zayn again:
"Hey girl it's now or never. It's now or never.
Don't overthink, just let it go.
And if we get together. Yeah get together.
Don't let the pictures leave your phone."

Cue Niall:
"Yeah, we'll be doing what we do
Just pretending that we're cool
So tonight."

And they do the chourus again. After the chourus is finished, they start to do this move where they are rowing a boat or something. After a few seconds of that, they continue to sing.

Back to Zayn for the third time:
"And girl,
You and I.
We're about to make a memory tonight."

Cue Louis:
"I wanna live while we're young.
We wanna live while we're young."

Chourus again, and they repeat it once more and then they start chanting, "Wanna live. Wanna live. Wanna live while we're young." repeatively until Zayn ends it with one final "And live while we're young."

We give them a standing ovation for about a minute until my hands started to cramp. I run up to the porch and throw myself into Niall's arms. "That was brilliant." I tell him.

"So are you." He whispers into my ears. I can't believe I'm dating him.

"So what was that song called?" Emma asks as everyone else comes up the stairs leading to the porch.

"Live While We're Young." Harry answers.

"Kinda makes sense since you said 'live while we're young' about a bajillion times." Austin states. "I can't imagine what other songs are on there."

"Well, you guys already know one of them, so we'll just sing all of them to you. My personal favorite is 'They Don't Know About Us'." Liam informs us.

"Well we can't wait to here it." Becca states.

"So how about we 'get some' dinner? Danielle cooked up some chicken and noodles." Alexa tells everyone.

"Were you with her the whole song?" I ask.

"We can hear it from the kitchen, and she's heard it while they recorded it." She answers. We all go inside, but before I can step inside, Alexa pulls me to the side.

"What is it, Lex?" I ask.

"The reason me and Dani were inside is because she told me she got in contact with someone who knows the boys like she does, except they've seen her a lot more times. And that she can help with the situation you're in with Louis and Niall." She answers.

"Who?" I ask with concern in my voice.

She takes a deep breath, and answers, "Louis' ex-girlfriend. Eleanor Calder."


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