Right Here, Right Now

"Then I would take that star and make my wish come true."
My name is Olivia Carsons, and the past week has been pretty crazy for me. I met my favorite boy band, One Direction, I started dating Niall, and, well, too much happened. Even the worst thing, us finding out that my foster mother has cancer, has happened. But there is one thing that I fear. Niall and Louis, my childhood friend, still don't know that I promised to go with them to the Canfield Fair. If this can get any worse, what will happen if they find out? Does Louis have feelings for me? Do I have feelings for both of them? It all depends on what happens at the fair. (Second installment of The Start of Something New trilogy)


19. Mixed-up emotions

After my disturbing gift from Harry was set aside and out of our business, I decided to continue my presents. I picked up a bag with a tight bow wrapped at the top.

"That one will be from the most awesomest sister you will ever have." Alexa stated. I smirked and tried to unwrap the bow. I finally manage to get it loose and off the bag. I throw out the tissue paper until I pull out something I didn't expect to recieve in a present.

"My glasses?" I ask holding up the worst pair of spectical that I will ever have in my lifetime. They make me look like I'm a geek for gods sake.

"Yeah. But look through them and tell me what do you see." She tells me. I roll my eyes and put on those humiliating things. I look straight ahead and I see this little glass minifigurine sitting on the fireplace mantle. I get up and walk towards it until I can see it clearly.

"Are you kidding me?!" I scream while picking up the tiny glass Minnie Mouse figurine that I've wanted when I was 8. "Lexa, how long did it take you to find it?"

"Had it since I started driving. C'mon. Ya know you wanna hug me." I did. So I walk over, figurine in hand, and give her a squeeze. I sit back down and pick up a small box.

"It's from me." Louis explains raising his hand, head looking down in embarrassment.

I open the box and to my eyes, his gift was better than Harry's, or Austin's gift from last year--which unfortunately was dirt and a coupon book buried in it. "Aw!" I said. I was looking at this really cute headband with a small blue flower at the top.

"The blue flower made me think of how cute you are." He tells me. I crack a smile.

"Hey, dude." Emma says snapping me back to reality. "There's something else in there." I look down and see a pair of small earrings. They were pink flowers, which always remind me of summer.

"Thanks Lou." I tell him and we hug each other. He begins to kiss my hair, but I don't care. But I was a bit foolish about that.

I completely forgot I had a boyfriend watching.

<Niall POV>

He got her a headband and earrings. Sweet gift. But it was after she opened the gift that make me almost break down. When they hugged. Louis was kissing her hair, playing with it, and Olivia wasn't even caring.

It's like she almost forgot about our relationship.

I bite my lips, trying my hardest not to show any emotions to this. Just look around the room Horan. Don't think about this. Act like you're just minding your own business. Besides, you still need to get her present. PRESENT! Oh, luck of the Irish, I should have talked to Lou about presents first. I saved my money to buy her that exact same headband and the exact pair of earrings for our two week anniversary. Think Niall think!

I look around and I see the back porch(you could serinate her), the dinning room(take her out to dinner later), and the kitchen. The kitchen! What's a party without cake? But wait, cake at 5:30 in the morning? Ah, rules, schmules. I rush into the kitchen and quietly close the door behind me. Yes, we have a door to the kitchen.

I get the cake mix together and start to mix the ingredients together. When I was done and put the cake in the oven, I cleaned up my area and walked back to the living room.

"But what you're saying is that you don't want anyone to tell him?" I hear Becca say.

"I'm sure." Louis answers.

"But what if..." Emma asks.

"I don't want to worry about that right now. If he finds out about us then I'll try to deal with it. But I don't know if I can." Olivia interupts. What does she mean by "us"?

They must be talking about me. I rush over to the sink to make it look like I was busy with whatever. I rush back to the door.

I then hear Austin ask,"So, Liv, you're saying that you don't want Niall to know about you and Louis?"

"Yes." She answered.


*Author's note*
Niall found out about Louis and Olivia! What will he do now?

I'm on winter break! Best day ever! Can't wait till Christmas cuz it's only 5 days away! 5 days! And I'm updating this at 11 at night. So see y'all later!


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