Right Here, Right Now

"Then I would take that star and make my wish come true."
My name is Olivia Carsons, and the past week has been pretty crazy for me. I met my favorite boy band, One Direction, I started dating Niall, and, well, too much happened. Even the worst thing, us finding out that my foster mother has cancer, has happened. But there is one thing that I fear. Niall and Louis, my childhood friend, still don't know that I promised to go with them to the Canfield Fair. If this can get any worse, what will happen if they find out? Does Louis have feelings for me? Do I have feelings for both of them? It all depends on what happens at the fair. (Second installment of The Start of Something New trilogy)


7. Going public

"I...I love you." He whispered in my ears. Did Louis just say that he loved me? Am I hallucinating?

"Did you just say that you loved me?" I asked, curiously.

He nodded. "I've had a crush on you 10 years ago. I was devestated when your parents died and you left Doncaster. I forgot about you completely until last week, and then I realized that you were my first crush."

Did I mention that Louis was my old best friend when I was seven and that I'm from Doncaster? If I did, then good. Because sadly, it was my parents-real parents-fault that I'm here and I'm in this love triangle with my own boyfriend and my old best friend who loves me. Who to choose, who to choose.

"Hey, guys. What's up? Having a little 'moment'?" Harry teased. Did he just hear what he said of how Louis had a crush on me since he was eleven?

"No. There's another situation going on." Louis answered breaking away from our hug, or as Harry quotes "moment".

 "What is it?" Niall asked walking over to me. Apparently, we were all settled.

"Papparazzi found out about me and Niall hanging out. Me, Becca, Austin, Emma, and Alexa found out this morning. It was on the news. At first, people were calling me anonymous, and just a few minutes ago, someone from this stupid magazine called and she knew my name. I don't know if I could handle fame." I answer holding onto Niall, crying into his shirt. I lift my head and I see that my mascara smudged on his shirt. It was silent for a moment, and then all of us started laughing.

"Don't worry about paps." Danielle told me. "When they found out about me and Liam, it was rough at first, but we learned just to have fun. When we confirmed our relationship, things got crazier, but we managed it."

A smile comes across my face. "Thanks. So what should we do?" I ask.

"Well, I'm not the man of many relationships, even though my first kiss was with Emma and I'm only eighteen and I yet to have my first kiss until..." Austin blabbered. I make a signal to Emma saying to kiss him again. She did, and he almost fainted. Luckily, Zayn was there to catch him. "Where was I?" He asked after he was back to normal. "As I was about to say. CONFIRM IT! IT WILL BE OFF YOUR SHOULDERS! GET IT OVER WITH! THAT'S WHAT I'D DO IF I DATED MEGAN FOX!" He shouted. We all know that will never happen.

"Should we?" I ask Niall.

He nods. We pulled out our phones and started typing a tweet:

"Hey. There have been rumors going around about me and @niallhoranofficial dating. Well, I'm here to state that it is true. We are dating, and we are both happy about it."

"Yes, it's true. me and @oliviariley101 are dating, and I love her."

We all take a look at them and made sure they were both good. They were.

"On the count of three." I say.

"One." Niall started.

"Two." I continue.

"Two and a half." Becca says. We laugh.

Then at the same time, all eleven of us said "Three." and just like that, me and Niall's relationship went public.

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