Right Here, Right Now

"Then I would take that star and make my wish come true."
My name is Olivia Carsons, and the past week has been pretty crazy for me. I met my favorite boy band, One Direction, I started dating Niall, and, well, too much happened. Even the worst thing, us finding out that my foster mother has cancer, has happened. But there is one thing that I fear. Niall and Louis, my childhood friend, still don't know that I promised to go with them to the Canfield Fair. If this can get any worse, what will happen if they find out? Does Louis have feelings for me? Do I have feelings for both of them? It all depends on what happens at the fair. (Second installment of The Start of Something New trilogy)


10. Free Hugs? Free Kisses?

<Louis POV>

"He wanted me to kiss her?" I asked Liam.

"Yes." He answered.

"On the lips?"

"Yes, dude."

"In front of everyone?"


"Sorry." I can't believe this. Harry wanted me to kiss Niall's girlfriend, and in front of Niall! "So you're telling me why?" I ask.

"Just wanted to inform you. And, well, if you want, to do the dare later on. Just, don't kiss her in front of Niall. You know how sensitive he is." Liam tells me.

"I know." I state and walk over to the others. "So now what?" I ask.

"Hold on. Put this on." Rebecca says handing me a red wig that reminds me a lot of our friend, Ed Sheeran's, hair.

I stare at it in disbelief. "It's so that if you hug fans, they won't notice that it's Louis from One Direction." Olivia informs me.

"Yeah, but what if people think I'm Ed Sheeran?" I ask.

"Then say you're Ben Franklin." Austin answers.

"NO!" Everyone yells.

"Fine. Then Dave...uhhh...Provenzale."

Alexa and the girls look at him like he's crazy. "Our school principal?" Emma asks.

"WHY DO YOU GUYS HAVE TO MAKE IT SO DIFFICULT?!" He yells. We all start laughing uncontrollably.

"It's okay. I'll be..." I start. Who to be? Who to be? I think. I look around dowtown, and I see a Dairy Queen and a gazebo. I wonder if I can put it into a convicing name. "I'll be... Gazzy...uhhh... Queen."

Everybody looks at me weirdly. "Okay." They said in unison. And just like that, my crazy dare began.

After an hour and a half, and about a hundred hugs given, we decided to go back to the house and have lunch. I was thinking back to what Liam said about how Harry's original dare. Should I kiss her? Should I not? Will it ruin our friendship? Ugh. Why does life have to be so rough!?!?

After lunch, I walk over to Olivia and say, "Hey, Olivia. Mind if I ask you something?"

She stands up from the love seat-which she was sitting on with Niall-and answer, "Sure. What is it?"

"Actually, you mind if I ask you in private?" I ask. I look back at Niall who has a confused look on his face. "It has nothing to deal with you, buddy. I promise." I say to him.

"Okay. You guys go ahead." He replys as he goes back to watching tv. "Hey. When you two are done, I challenge Louis to a game of Black Ops." Niall yells.

"You're on!" I shout back from the stairs and the two of us walk upstairs to my room.

I close the door behind me. "So what is it that you wanted to tell me that you couldn't tell me downstairs?" Olivia asks.

Without hesitating, I lean in and kiss her.

What was I thinking?


Author's note: So today, I was bored. So I got started on writing the very last chapter of the story!!! Yes, a bit of an overachiever, but it came to my mind!! I had to write it!! The hard part of writing it was deciding if Olivia should be with Niall or Louis in the end. Who do you think she'll end up with? What will happen in the end? Will Niall find out about Louis and Olivia? Will Annita survive the cancer? Will I get a good grade on the math quiz that I took today? The last one was random. So tomorrow is the last day of school and then Thanksgiving break!!! Wahoo!!! That's all. ~Maddie



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