Puzzle Pieces...


1. New Kid and Trouble...

"Hey girly!" My best friend Cher yelled, while tackling me in a hug. I laughed

"Hey Cherry!" I call her by her nickname. She smiles.

"Funny! So, did you hear about that new boy?" She ask. I furrow my brows in confusion.

"No, why?" I ask.

"Well, he's super hot!" Cherry yells.

"Who is? Me, I hope," Kyler, Cher's boyfriend, says while walking up to her. She caughs.

"Yeah! Of course it was you!" She then turns to me and laughs. I roll my eyes, playfully, at her. As we walk into the school building, I hear my name being called.

"Hey! Rally, wait up!" Tek yells. Tek catches up to us and Cher scoffs. She hates him.

"Hi, Tek, can I help  you with something?" I ask, already annoyed with his presence.

"I was wondering if you wanted to go to the 'fall ball' with me?" He ask, smiling. I roll my eyes.

"How many times do I have to tell you 'NO' before you understand the word?" I spat at him.

"More than you have." He smirks. I just ignore him and walk away. Cher gives me a high-five and Kyler rants on about how much of a jerk Tek is. As we get to the hallway with our lockers in it, we all split up and go to our seperate lockers. I enter my combination but it doesn't open. I try it again, and it still won't work. After about ten more tries, I get frustrated and kick my locker. I'm gonna be late again because of the stupid thing!

"Whoa! No need to kick the locker, it couldn't have done anything that rude to you." I hear an unfamiliar voice speak. I turn around to come face-to-face with probably the cutest guy ever! He smiles and flips his black hair to the side.

"Here, let me help you," He says and enters my combination. It automatically opens for him.

"Thanks, but, how did you know my combination?" I ask.

"I-I have good eyesight," He hesitates to say and then shrugs. I open my mouth to say something else but he just walks away. I blink a few times and then turn back to my locker. I get all my things put away and close my locker, just in time for the late bell to ring! GREAT! Now I'm probably gonna get a detention! I rush off to my class, with my books in my hand, and run into something, or rather, someone. I fall to the ground and my books go flying everywhere.

"Late again, Miss Suva," My teacher, Mr. Marks says and taps his foot.

"I'm sorry! My  locker wouldn't open and then this guy," "NO EXSCUSES!" He yells, interrupting me. "Principal's office, NOW!" He yells again and points in the direction of the front office. I sigh and gather my books. I lift myself off the ground as he slams the classroom door and locks it. My shoulders slump and I throw my head back in desperation. I walk into the principal's office to see her sitting there, playing a game on her phone.

"Mrs. Keller?" I grab her attention and she instantly puts her phone away.

"Yes, Rally?" She ask, motioning me to sit down.

"I got in trouble for my locker again," I sigh. She laughs.

"Alright, I would love to get you off the hook but I can't. I'm afraid I'm going to have to give you a detention." She says, bluntly, and scribbles something on a piece of paper and then hands it to me.

I grab the paper and stand up. I nod 'goodbye' to her and walk out of her office. As I step into the lobby of the front office, I see that kid that helped me with my locker. He was getting yelled at by a teacher and an office attendent. He spotted me and smiled. Then, he snapped his fingers, and there was a crash of thunder and a strike of lightning. I jumped at this, but then I really freaked out when the lights turned off and someone screamed.

The lights snapped back on and the teacher and office attendent that were yellling at that boy are laying dead on the ground , with blood surrounding them. And that boy, is nowhere to be seen...

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