The Letter (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfic) *Finished*

Courtney Shirley was just a normal 25 year old until she married Louis Tomlinson. The marriage only lasted a couple months. That's when the fame started to seperate them. A few weeks after the divorce was finizled, Court found out she was pregnant with twins. Will Courtney ever tell Lou about his children?


21. The Wedding Part 2


*Courtney's P.O.V.*

    I waited in the front room until I got my cue. My dad came in then gave me a hug. "I love you princess," he whispered. "I love you too daddy," I smiled. He pulled away from the hug and placed his hands on my shoulders. "I want you to know, no matter how far away you are you'll always be my little girl," he choked out the last part. I heard the organ start the play which signaled that my forever was starting now.

*Louis' P.O.V.*

       I was standing at the end of the aisle when the organ started to come in. Harry was the first to walk in with Sierra wrapped around his arm. Then came Niall and Kristin. To be perfectly honest with you, Kristin looked like she would rather hug a cactus. After all the bridesmaids and groomsmen were in there places, the infamous song started to play.

*Court's P.O.V.*

     When I heard the infamous song, I gave my dad's arm a squeeze. Logan was first to go. He walked quietly down to Jay who was sitting in the first row of pews. Ken was next then it was me. The door opened and I saw Louis for the first time today. I giggled because he was wearing a pair of Converse instead of dress shoes. 'That's my man,' I thought to myself.

*Lou's P.O.V.*

     When I saw Court, my jaw dropped. She looked amazing. I saw her giggle and I guessed it was because I was wearing sneakers instead of dress shoes. What? I had to put my own flair in it. 

*Court's P.O.V.*

    All eyes were on me as I walked down the aisle. I saw Kendall smiling at me from in the crowd. I could tell he was happy for me by the smile on his face. When we got to the end of the aisle, dad's grip on my arm. "Who gives this woman away?" the priest ask. "Her mother and I," dad said before he wiped a tear away. The priest nodded so Lou stuck out his hand. "Take care of her Tomlinson," I heard dad whisper to Lou. "I will sir," he smiled. Dad released his grip so Lou grabbed my hand. "You look gorgeous," he leaned in and whispered. "So do you," I replied back before he leaned back. When it was time for the rings, Logan ran up to give us the rings. Louis looked me right in the eyes as he took a breath to start his vows. 

*Lou's P.O.V.*

     I took a deep breath and looked Court in the eyes. "Courtney, with this ring, I promise to be here for you. I promise I'm never going to leave you again. I never realized until you left that you were my one and only." I looked up at her and saw her eyes starting to water up. "I know that I wasn't there for the first two years of Kendall Anne's and Logan James' life but I promise I will be here for the next 16." I wiped away tears before I shakily put the ring on her finger. 

*Court's P.O.V.*

     I heard the crowd let out a group "awe" after Lou's vow. Now it was my turn. "Louis, with this ring, I promise to...." I froze. I forgot what I had written and practiced God knows how many times. "I promise to be loyal to you." There ya go Court. Just wing it. "I promise to love you as Louis William Tomlinson from Doncaster, Yorkshire, England and not as Louis Tomlinson of One Direction. I also promise not to let the hate get to me. I know that they are saying those things because they are jealous. I love you Lou," I smiled as I slipped the ring on his finger.

     "If there are any objections to this marriage, please speak no," pastor said. Out of no where, the doors come flying open. Courtney wait!" a familiar voice called. "Jake?" I yelled in shock. "Court I still love you. Please come back to me." I didn't Lou this but Jake and I got back together a year ago today. We broke up a week before he came back to America. "Jake, you broke up with me, you obviously didn't want me then." "But I thought about it for a while," he defended himself. "I'm sorry Jake. I only give second chances to people who deserve it," I told him flatly. "Why does he deserve a second chance?" he asked in pure anger. "He's cheating on you with some whore at a strip club!" I felt tears sting my eyes as I looked at Lou before I ran down the aisle and out of the church.

*Lou's P.O.V.*

     "Courtney!" I yelled after her. The church was silent. Thank god that mom took the kids downstairs when Jake came in. I walk over to this Jake guy. I was an inch taller than him. "What proof do you have that I'm cheating on her?" I asked him. "I don't. I just don't want her to marry you," he smirked to himself. I heard footsteps come behind me. "What was that Jake?" Chris asked. "Dad! How have you been?" Jake smiled in a completely different tone than what he just talked to me in. "Don't give me that shit," Chris flatly replied. "What did you say about my daughter and son?" "I didn't talk about Mark sir." "No but you talked about Louis and as far as I'm concerned, he's more of a son to me than you ever were." Jake's jaw dropped. "Now if you are as smart as you say, I suggest you leave and never talk to Courtney or anyone in my family ever again." Jake nodded before he ran out of the church. I turned around to look for Harry to tell him to go talk to Court but he was gone so I looked over to where Mark was sitting and noticed that he wasn't there. I just hope they heard what he said before he left.

*Harry's P.O.V.*

     "Do you wanna split up?" I asked Courtney's older brother Mark. "No because knowing my luck, I'll get lost too," he laughed at himself. I nodded as I thought of where Court could have went. I just picked a random direction and walked that way. Mark was right on my heels. We stopped when we heard her crying in an alley. "Courtney!" Mark yelled as he ran towards his sister. "M-Mark? What are you doing here?" "We just wanted to talk to you," I smiled. "He chea-" "No he didn't," I interrupted her. "How do you know?" "If he was I would have told you right away. He's been at the studio with us when he told you that he was in the studio." "I fucked up," she said as she started to cry again. "Courtney stop crying," I sighed. I hated to the people I love cry. Yes I love Courtney. Ever since I've laid my eyes on her in the club, my heart beats her name. I know that my chances with her are slim but that doesn't mean that I can't like her. I squatted down and wiped away her tears. "Do you think he's going to forgive me?" she questioned. "I know babe," I smiled. She gave me a hug then we walked back to the church.

*Louis' P.O.V.*

     I felt all the pressure I had when she left go away. The pastor cleared his throat and everything went back to what it was before we were rudely interrupted. "Do you, Courtney Alyssa Shirley take Louis William Tomlinson to love and to hold..." I zoned as he talked. I was snapped out of my daydream when he said my name. "I do," I smiled. "By the power evested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride." I leaned in and kiss Courtney. It reminded me of our first kiss. When we left each other's lips, everyone in the church was on their feet cheering. Kennie and Log ran over to us so we picked them up. Court and I grabbed each other's hand then walked down the aisle. The crowd threw flowers as we walked to the limo waiting for us. 

     "How are you feeling Mrs. Tomlinson?" I asked when we got in the limo as we waited for everyone else. Mom had offered to take the kids to the reception. "Kinda embarrassed," she blushed. "Hey I know you're emotion," I smiled. She leaned in so I did the same. We were about to start kissing when Niall came in. "Ewww! PDA!" he joked. Court and I slid down on the seat so everyone had enough room. "Champagne anyone?" Liam offered holding the bottle. "Pour me a glass Li Li," Court smiled. Liam nodded as he handed the first glass down the row to Court. "Cheers to Mr. and Mrs. Tomlinson!" Sierra smiled with a raised glass. "Cheers!" everyone said in unison, clinking glasses. 

    When we got to the country club that the reception was being held at, I could tell that Court was getting nervous again. "You're going to be fine babe," I whispered to her. She just nodded.  Court went in to a little dressing room to change out of her wedding dress and into something "more comfortable". When she came out, she looked gorgeous. "Now let's bring out the wedding party!" the DJ cheerfully said into the microphone. "Sierra Anthony escorted by Harry Styles." The DJ paused for a couple minutes (Ok that's an exaggeration but that's what if felt like to me.) "Kristin Anthony escorted by Niall Horan. Eleanor Calder escorted by Liam Payne. Perrie Edwards-Malik escorted by Zayn Malik." The DJ started to play a drum roll before he announced our names. "And know, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Tomlinson!" he said, dragging out the last part of my, I mean our, last name. We laughed as we were greeted by the crowd cheering for us. We sat at our table. Kennie and Logan were sitting at the table with our parents. Ken waved to me and I waved back. We ate our food with some chit-chat about random things filling the room. 

     Someone at our table hit a piece of silverware against their glass. We turned and saw Niall standing up, adjusting his tie. "So I just want to make a quick speech so I can finish eating," he shockingly started. "When I first met Coke, I knew that she was the one for BooBear. Whenever he would talk about her, he would get this certain sparkle in his eyes. When they broke up, I felt like I lost a sister. Coke was always there for me when I needed her. Two years later, I found out about these two little brats I like to call Kendall and my little buddy Logan." "Hey!" Ken yelled. "Heyy Kendall!" Niall smiled to her. "Any who. When Louis came back from a football game and told me that he got back with Coke, I knew that everything was going to be back to normal. Now he doesn't shut up about what Ken and Log did in school. I'm just glad that this little family is back together." He nodded before he sat down. Everyone clapped. I looked over at Court and saw her face bright red. 

*Court's P.O.V.*

     I have to admit, Niall had a pretty nice speech...if he meant to embarrass me. When everyone was done eating, it was time for the father daughter dance. "Now let's slow this down for the father daughter dance," the DJ announced. "Can I have this dance?" dad asked me. "Of course," I smiled. We walked to the middle of the dance floor then danced with all eyes on me. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Lou and Kennie dancing. "He's a good dad," dad whispered to me. "She's his little buddy," I smiled. "Do you mind if I steal her?" Mark asked. "Not at all. I'm gonna go dance with my Kendall Anne." "How do you feel baby bro?" I asked. "I don't know." I laughed at his response. "I'm just glad for you and Lou." I gave him a tight hug. "I love you Mark." I love you too Courtney." "Uncle Mark do you wanna dance?" Kennie asked, pulling on his jacket. "Of course!" he laughed. "Would you like to dance?" Lou asked me. "Why certainly," I smiled. When we danced, it felt like we were the only two people in the world. This is what it should feel like when you're in a relationship. When I was with Jake, I kept thinking of Lou and now I don't wish I was with another guy. I think my messed up life, is finally getting back together.

A/N: Hey guys! Sorry if this chapter bounced around too much I just wanted to get how each person felt about each thing if you know what I'm saying. Any who I hope you enjoyed it. :) xxAlexa

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