The Letter (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfic) *Finished*

Courtney Shirley was just a normal 25 year old until she married Louis Tomlinson. The marriage only lasted a couple months. That's when the fame started to seperate them. A few weeks after the divorce was finizled, Court found out she was pregnant with twins. Will Courtney ever tell Lou about his children?


20. The Wedding Part 1


*Courtney's P.O.V.*
*The Day of the Wedding*

(Outfits;  Court, the kids, and bridesmaids:[polyvore]  Louis and the guys: [polyvore])

     "How do I look mommy?" Ken asked as spun in a circle. "Gorgeous babe!" I smiled. Lottie was doing my make-up while El did my hair. Jay was watching Ken and Brooke. Logan was with Lou and the rest of the guys. I heard a knock on the door. I had Jay get it incase it was Lou trying to sneak a peek. "Court, someone's here to see you," she smiled as she came back into the room. She was followed by my mom. "Courtney! You look.." "Like a princess?" Kennie chimed. "Like a princess," mom sobbed as she pulled me in for a hug. "Mom please don't cry!" I tried to calm her. "You look so beautiful!" "Mom I get the point!" I laughed. Mom went to do Ken's hair while I put the dress on. "Courtney!" mom gasped causing me to blush. "It's missing one thing." I gave her a weird look as she pulled something out of her pocket. I instantly recognized it. "Mom-Mom wore this at her wedding and she wanted you to wear it at your wedding," mom explained as she wiped away tears. Mom-Mom was my grandmother. I loved her to death. She would call me her little helper because I would help her with anything and everything. She was my biggest supporter at games. Whenever she thought the ump made a bad call, she was yelling at him right after the call. After mom put in the clip, my phone rang. It was a text from Lou. " I have a surprise for you ;)" " U do know that u cant give it 2 me." I quickly typed back. " There's always a loop hole babe :)" I rolled my eyes and placed my phone back on the table. 

     I heard a knock on the door and walked over to the door. "Who is it?" I called. "The Easter Bunny," Harry's voice rang from behind the door so I opened it. "Uncle Harry you're the Easter Bunny?" Kennie asked. "Shh! Don't talk about too loud," Harry whispered. "So what do you have for me Easter Hazz," I laughed. "Since you were a good girl last year," he smiled as he handed me a box that had Louis Vuitton on the box. "Wrong holiday Hazz," I laughed. "Just take the box and love it!" he huffed before he walked away. I rolled my eyes as I shut the door only to have someone knock on it again. "Really!" I yelled to no one. I opened the door to see Sierra and Kristin in their dresses. "You guys look great!" I smiled. "Don't I always?" Sierra scoffed as she walked in the room. Kristin was bright red. She always got that way when Sierra was acting like a retard. "I still can't believe you aren't used to that yet," I laughed. "It's hard." I sat on the couch to open the box that Lou had gotten me. I was stopped by a note inside the box.

Courtney Alyssa Shirley-Tomlinson,
You are the sparkle in my eye. With these shoes, you'll be the sparkle in everyone's eyes. I can't wait to see you walk down the aisle. I bet you are going to look incredible. I also can't wait for the honeymoon ;).
Forever yours,
Louis William Tomlinson

       I felt the world's biggest smile creep on my face. "What does it say?" Sierra whined as she leaned on me, trying to read the note. "That he loves me," I smirked. "Sierra, do me a huge favor," Kristin calmly said. Sierra looked up at her sister. "Can you calm the firetruck down?" "Woahhh!! Butta's getting sassy!" I yelled causing the room to laugh. "Alright guys let's get to the limo," Jay spoke up. I slipped on the heels then followed everyone out. Mom held Ken's hand. In the limo, we all had sparkling apple cider. I didn't like drinking in front of the kids. I could feel myself shaking because of nerves. "Want some?" Sierra whispered showing me a water bottle which was probably filled with alcohol. I nodded so she handed it to me. I took a sip then handed it back to her. "Can I have some?" Ken asked. "No baby." mom told her. Ken just pouted and sunk back in her seat. Today was going to be a long day.  

*Louis' P.O.V.*

  The guys and I were the first ones to the church that I had attended many times. "Are you nervous?" Chris, Court's dad, asked. "Nervous is an understatement sir," I sighed. "It's going to pay off trust me," he said with a reassuring smile. He was right. I looked at Logan and saw him peacefully coloring a coloring book mum got him to keep him busy during the ceremony. I knew that he was going to be quiet but Kendall Anne on the other hand.....Lord have mercy. I sat next to Logan to watch him color. It's not like I had anything better to do. "Whatcha coloring sport?" I asked. "A puppy," he mumbled. "A puppy?" I questioned in an excited voice. "Yes!" he smiled. "What color are you coloring him?" "Rainbow." "You do know that there aren't any rainbow colored puppies." "There has to be!" "You are definitely are your mother's child," I chuckled as I messed up his hair.  When people started to come in, I made some small talk with them. Every once in a while, I would turn back to check on Log. "Louahhh! Zayn called from the back room causing me to excuse myself from the conversation I was in. "What?" I asked before my hair was attacked by the comb that Zayn carries everywhere. "It's getting closer!" Harry smiled. I was getting nervous. I paced back and forth in the room. "Maybe you should sit down before you put a hole in the floor," Liam joked. I did as I was told and sat in one of the chairs. My leg was bouncing a mile a minutes. "Mommy's here! Mommy's here!" Kennie yelled as she ran into the room. "Kendall, can you daddy a huge favor?" I asked her. "What is it?" "After you throw the flowers, I need you to sit quietly sit with grandma and color your puppies and kitties." "What if Logy steals my crayons?" "You have your own crayons." She quietly nodded her head so I brought her in for a hug. "Thank you sweetie," I smiled. "Now go back to mommy. Tell your brother to come with you." She nodded and walked out of the room. That was one last thing I had to worry about.


A/N:  So there was part 1 of the wedding. Part 2 will hopefully come soon. :) I hoped you enjoyed it :) xxAlexa
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