The Letter (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfic) *Finished*

Courtney Shirley was just a normal 25 year old until she married Louis Tomlinson. The marriage only lasted a couple months. That's when the fame started to seperate them. A few weeks after the divorce was finizled, Court found out she was pregnant with twins. Will Courtney ever tell Lou about his children?


15. I Thought This Was Supposed To Be Relaxing


*The Next Day*      My calves were killing me when I woke up. I rolled over and saw that Lou wasn't there but a note in his place.     
 Went to work. Have a nice day love. Don't forget that the interview for the preschool is tomorrow. Louis =) xx
      I smiled as I read the note. He would always leave me notes like these when we were married. It brought back great memories. I limped down the stairs to find Logan and Kendall watching T.V. "Morning mommy!" they cheerfully smiled. "Morning guys," I smiled as I sat in the recliner. "Did daddy feed you?" "Yes ma'am," Kendall smiled. I nodded my head and watched Spongebob with them. 
     In the next episode, my phone went off. I saw that it was Eleanor. "Hello?" I answered sweetly. "Hey!" she said cheerfully back. "What's up?" "I just wanted to know if you wanted to have like a little girls day. You can bring the kids. I was planning to go to the spa." "Yeah that sounds great," I replied happily. "What time are we meeting?" "Noonish?" "Perfect," I smiled. "See ya then." "Who was that?" Logan asked when I hung up the phone. "My friend Eleanor," I replied before I got up. "Come on guys let's go get dress," I said as I hobbled over to the stairs. They pushed past me and ran up the stairs. "Can we pick out what we want to wear?" Kendall asked excitedly. "Fine. Put on something warm! It's a little chilly out," I gave in. That gave me two less things to worry about.
     When I came out of my room I saw Ken and Log waiting for me outside my door. "Mommy we're hungry," Logan whined. I sighed as I walked downstairs to grab the freezable PB&J's we had. I basically grew up on these. When mom was too busy to make me and/or Mark a sandwhich she would just grab one of those. 
     They sat down on the chairs by the kitchen island. This is where Lou and I would spend all of our nights. We would talk about our day and what was going on in the news. "Ready?" I asked. They nodded their heads as they munched on their second PB&J. I texted El and told her that I was about to leave the house. I left Lou a note and told him that I was going to hang out with a friend and I was going to be back later. I knew that he would find out that the friend was Eleanor. The paparzzi followed my every move so it wouldn't shock me that they would steal a couple pictures of us having a good time.
*At the Spa*
     The spa wasn't that far away so it didn't take us that long to get there. When I saw El, she looked like she was about to pop. "God girl!" I exclaimed when she waddled towards me. "You look like you are about to pop!" "I know," she laughed. "Well let's go get pampered!" I smiled. Kendall couldn't stop laughing as the lady massaged her feet. Logan just sat in the chair next to Ken and watched the movie that was playing on the TV. "I'm just nervous that I'm not going to be a good mom," El confessed to me. "I thought the same thing." "Really?" she said as if she was shocked. "You are the best mom to those two!" I have to thank my family and friends. They helped me get through the whole thing." She just nodded her head because she knew what I was talking about. 
     "How is Lou?" "Good. He's been really busy with the band and his team." "I think you two should get married again," she told me out of the blue which kinda shocked me. "You two were perfect. I feel horrible for spilting you guys up. If I were in your shoes, I wouldn't talk to me even to save my life! I wish I could take it all back," she let what she felt out in the open. I sat there trying to thing of something to say. I was about to say something when my phone rang, it was Lou. "Hey babe," I said cheerfully. "You're hanging out with Eleanor?!" he yelled at me. "Yes. Is that a problem?" "Why?" "Lou, I'm trying to set an example for the kids!" I explained in a whisper before he hung up. "Gahh! He can be worse than a girl," I sighed as I put my phone in my pocket. "Tell me about it," Eleanor replied causing both of us to laugh. 
     I have to admit, I was glad I decided to spend the day with Eleanor. I don't have any friends in London and now I guess I had one. When it was time to go, I gave her a hug and left. "I hope to see you soon," she smiled to me. "You too," I grinned back to her. "Did you guys have a fun time?" I asked my children when I got in the car. "Yeah!" The said in unison. "We should hang out with Miss Eleanor more after," Logan smiled. "You have to talk your father about that," I sighed before I started the car and drove away. 
*Louis' P.O.V.*
     We had a little break so I decided to go on Twitter. I saw that Courtanor was trending. Weird. I clicked the link and saw pictures of Coutrney and Eleanor going into the spa down the street with the kids. For some reason, I was mad at Court. She knew that I hated Eleanor so why would she hang out with her? I decided to call Court and confront her about the situation. 
     "Hey babe," she answered cheerfully. "You're hanging out with Eleanor?" I yelled into the phone. "Yes. Is that a problem." "Why?" I questioned. "Lou, I'm trying to set an example for the kids!" she defeanded herself before I hung up. I didn't want to say anything that would ruin our relationship. I didn't want to lose her again. 
     When I got home, Court was sitting on the couch with the kids sitting next to her. "Kids, why don't you go play upstair," Courtney said flatly. They nodded and walked upstairs. "Why did you hang out with her?" I asked when I heard a door close. "I have been in her situation Lou. It's not the best." "You cheated on your boyfriend and got pregnant?" I retorted. "No! I was a single mom for two painful years!" she yelled. "Do you know how many times people would ask me where their dad was and I would start crying?" she asked. "To many to count!" she answered herself before I could answer. "Right now, she's hurting Lou. She feels like no one understands her. She needs someone to lean on. She doesn't have a Mark but I'm trying to be. I owe my life and their lifes to him. Maybe you shouldn't be so quick to judge," she yelled before she ran upstairs. I heard our bedroom door slam and I sighed as I flopped down on the couch, or should I say where I will be sleeping for the night. I turned the TV on to the news and fell asleep. 
     I dreamt about me and Courtney getting remarried and then having another baby. It was a little boy whom we named Connor. My dream was cut short when I was awoken by Kendall holding her doll. "Daddy, why is mommy crying?" she asked. That was a good question. "She's watching The Notebook," I lied. Well techncally it wasn't a lie because every time we would watch it, she was a mess. Kendall must have known that too because she nodded her head and sat down next to me. "Why were you sleeping down here?" "I was watching TV and I fell asleep." She nodded her head again and we sat in an awkward silence. "Can you tuck me into bed?" she asked after a while. "Of course babe," I smiled as I picked her up and threw her over my shoulder causing her to giggle. I covered her up and sung her to sleep. I quietly shut the door and then walked to me and Court's room. I quietly knocked on the door and waited for a responce.   
   "What do you want?" she asked in a raspy voice. "I wanted to apologize." I heard her get off the bed and walked to the door. When she opened it, her eyes were red and puffy and her cheeks were stained with tear marks. She gave me a hug and I hugged her tightly. I didn't want to let her go. "I'm sorry. I didn't understand what you had to go through," I whispered in her hair. "It's fine babe." We let go and walked to bed. I fell asleep looking at an angel that fell from heaven. 
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