The Letter (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfic) *Finished*

Courtney Shirley was just a normal 25 year old until she married Louis Tomlinson. The marriage only lasted a couple months. That's when the fame started to seperate them. A few weeks after the divorce was finizled, Court found out she was pregnant with twins. Will Courtney ever tell Lou about his children?


6. Fish Are Different People


*Louis’ P.O.V.*       There was an awkward silence. “Yeah,” he confessed. “Why didn’t any of you tell me?” I asked trying to hold my anger. “Because Harry told us that you moved on so it would be a stupid to think you would come back.” I was starting to hate Harry even more now. We got up and walked back to Court’s room.  I saw here sitting up and holding Logan. I cleared my throat and she looked up at me instantly. “Hey,” I smiled. “Hey,” she said back. “Can we talk?” “About what?” “This whole situation,” I said hoping she was catching on. “Umm yeah. Why don’t you two go and see Harry.” Ken and Log got up and walked outside to find Harry.      “Why didn’t you tell me?” I asked. “I was going to tell you yesterday but I changed my mind after you said that Eleanor was pregnant.” After she said that, my phone rang. Eleanor was calling. “Excuse me,” I said as I walked out of the room. “Hello?” “BooBear!” she said cheerfully. “What’s up babe?” “I found out what we are having.” ” What is it?” I said as I tried to sound as excited as I could. “A girl.” I felt a smile creep onto my face that disappeared when I saw Kendall and Logan playing hide and seek with the guys. “El, can I tell you something?” I said after a moment of silence. “Yeah,” she said. “You remember Courtney right?” I asked. “Yeah, how’s she doing?” “Great,” I lied. “Well, I don’t know how to say this but we have kids together.” The line went silent. She hung up on me. I put my phone back in my pocket and walked back to Court’s room.       “How do you think he told El?” I heard her ask. “Probably,” I heard a voice say. I think it was her friend Sierra. “If I brake them up I’m gonna feel horrible!” “Well he belongs to you,” I heard her say. I knocked on the door, acting like I just got there. “Hey,” “Sierra,” her friend said. “I just say that I’m leaving.” I saw sadness come across her face. “Do you mind taking the kids with you?” she asked. “Not at all,” I smiled. “You just have to stop back at the house to get their overnight bag. Oh and they need a bath!” she instructed. “Yes ma’am.” “Take care of them Lou,” she said looking at me directly in my eyes. “It seems like you don’t trust me.” “Remember Carlos and Lupe?” I had to think for a second about what she was talking about.        When we were married, she went away for a week to visit her family. I was in charge of taking care of our gold fish Carlos and Lupe. Don’t ask me why we named them that. I only fed them once the whole time they were gone. She came back two weeks later (she stayed an extra week so she could watch her brother’s baseball game), the fish were dead and she flipped. “How can I trust you with a baby when you can’t even take of two retarded fish?!” That was when we were planning to have a baby which pretty much worked I guess.       “Fish are totally different than people,” I defended myself causing Sierra and Court laughed. “Just be careful alright?” I nodded as I walked out of the room. I heard Ken giggling from the end of the hallway so I followed it. I saw her sitting on Zayn's lap as he keep talking in that weird voice he does.       "Ken! Do you want to spend the night with me?" I asked her. She nodded. "Are we going to watch Finding Nemo?" she asked. "Even better. We're gonna watch Toy Story," I said in an enthusiastic voice. "That's not better Mr. Louis!" she said. She doesn't know I'm her dad. I felt a little pain in my heart. Why didn't Court tell her about me? "Fine. You can pick any Disney BUT Finding Nemo." "Yay!" she cheered.       "Where's Logan?" I asked Zayn. "Mr. Niall was hungry so they went to get something to eat," Kendall spoke up. "What she said," Zayn said. I texted Niall the others to tell them that it was time to go. I picked Kendall up and carried her.       "Mr. Louis," she said. "Yes Kendall." "Do you know when my daddy's coming home?" she asked. So Courtney did tell her about me. "I think he's home now," I smiled. "Really?" "Yeah! You're talking to him," I said. She just stared at me. "So you're the man in mommy's picture frame?" she asked. "I guess so." She nodded before she put her head on my shoulder and fell asleep. She might have been talking about the picture from our wedding day. Oh well. Mark walked with me so I could get the car seats. He put them in the van and I put Kennie in hers. Niall came with Log shortly after I got in. *Back at the Hotel Room*      I was making popcorn while everyone else was setting up the living room to watch The Lion King. After the popcorn was done, I walked in. Niall ran over to me to grab his bowel.       I sat down on the floor between the kids. Kendall was holding a doll that looked like her a little her. "Where did you get that?" I asked her. "My Uncle Kendall got it for me," she smiled. She was probably taking about Kendall from Big Time Rush.      I guess they met at some charity event in LA. And a beautiful has grown ever since. I remember seeing him tweet a picture of them together and they would do Twitcams together. They got along so well.       Half way through the movie, I heard a little snore escape Logan's mouth. I looked over at Kennie and saw her battling to keep her eyes open. When the part with where Simba and Nala were singing, I joined in so that she would fall asleep. "I love you daddy," she yawned before she closed her eyes and cuddled up to me."I love you too Ken." An "awee" was whispered in the room and I just rolled my eyes as I laid down between them. I heard a click of a camera but I just ignored it and went to sleep.
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