The Letter (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfic) *Finished*

Courtney Shirley was just a normal 25 year old until she married Louis Tomlinson. The marriage only lasted a couple months. That's when the fame started to seperate them. A few weeks after the divorce was finizled, Court found out she was pregnant with twins. Will Courtney ever tell Lou about his children?


22. A New Romance

*Court's P.O.V.*

      "Alright, you too better behave," I told my children. "We will!" Ken whined. She's heard this the whole way to the airport. I looked over at Log to see tears dripping out of his eyes. I walked over to him and squatted in front of him. "What's wrong babe?" I asked. "I'm going to miss you!" he cried harder so I brought him in for a hug. When he stopped hugging, I grabbed his shoulders and looked him in the eyes."Log, I want you to be a big boy. I promise that Aunt Kristin and Uncle Kendall are going to take good care of you," I smiled. "What about Aunt Sierra?" he asked. "No promises about her sweetie," I laughed. I heard Sierra gasp. "That's not nice!" "But it's true," Lou chimed in. "Yeah I guess you're right," she laughed at herself. "Flight 319 to Hawaii is now boarding," a man announced over the speaker. I gave everyone one last hug before we walked to the terminal. When we got to our seats in the first class section, I turned my phone on airplane then listened to some music. I rested my head on Lou's shoulder. He stroked my hair making me even more tired. He pulled my one ear bud out. "Go to sleep love. You look tired," he whispered. I nodded my head then closed my eyes.

*Lou's P.O.V.* 

     Court was silently snoring on my shoulder. I felt my phone vibrate, signaling that I had an e-mail. I took out my phone and saw that Sierra had e-mailed saying that the kids were whining that they wanted a puppy. I silently chuckled which some how woke Court. "What happened?" she sleepily asked. "The kids what a puppy." "We should get one," she smiled. "Really?" I asked like one of the kids would. "Yeah. I think it would teach them responsibly," sh0e smiled. "Well then why don't we get them fish?" "You'll kill them," she laughed. "Well it's there fault! they didn't say they were hungry!" I laughed. I was glad I married someone whom I could call my best friend. When the plane landed in Hawaii, we were greeted by the paparazzi. Once we had all of our bags, we walked to the car that we had rented for the two weeks that we were going be here. "What do you want to do today?" I asked when we entered our hotel room. "Sleep," she laughed as she flopped on the bed. "I second that," I smiled as I laid next to her. I know, today was such an exciting day.

*Sierra's P.O.V.*

     "Heyy Aunt Sierra," Kennie called. "What?" "What's for supper?" she asked coming into the room. "Peanut butter and jelly," I smiled. I honestly hated cooking. Kristin was off in France with Kendall doing god knows what. "Aunt Sierra I'm hungry!" Logan whined. "You're just like you're mother," I laughed. I was getting the jelly out of the fridge when I heard someone open the door and then close it. I looked behind me and saw the twins behind me. I walked out to the living room and saw Harry looking around. "Damn it Harry!" I yelled at him. "What?" he asked. "I thought you were a murderer or something," I laughed. "Well I'm not," he laughed. "I brought food." I noticed he had a plastic bag in his hand. "What did you get?" "McDonald's," he smiled. "You're lucky," I smiled. "Ken! Log! Uncle Harry brought food!" Harry yelled. The kids came running toward us. Harry handed them their Happy Meal box then they ran to the living room. "What are you squirrels doing in there?" I asked. "Eating," Logan spoke up. "Go in the dining room! I don't want you're mommy to yell at me." I sighed before they walked to the dining room. "You better not be-" "One step ahead of you love," Harry interrupted me, pulling out the toys. "You're good Styles," I laughed. He handed me a paper bag which I happily took. "Thank you," I smiled as I walked to the dining room. I sat at the head of the table and Harry sat in the empty chair on my left. It was silent at the which made me uncomfortable. I hated silence, I always have. 

     "Can I have my toy now?" Kennie asked. "Wait for your brother to finish," Harry told her. Harry and I were sharing a 20 piece chicken nugget thing. When Log was done, Harry took out the toys then gave them to the kids. "Can we go watch TV?" Logan asked. "Yes," I sighed. They slid off their chairs then ran to the kitchen. "Do they ever run out of energy?" I asked out loud. Harry looked down at his watch then back at me. "I'll give it an hour until they pass out on the couch," he whispered. "You're on," I smirked. "What do I get if I win?" I asked. "I'll take you on a shopping spree anywhere you want to go. Now what if I win?" "I'll make you a cake." "Deal," he said with an extended hand which I gladly shook. I knew that I was going to win. I knew these kids like that back of my hand. They were just like Court...Which now that I think about it can be a bad thing.

     Thirty minutes later, Logan was out while Kennie was half awake. "I win," Harry whispered in my ear. "Not yet," I huffed as I went back to watching Kennie. She closed her eyes a few minutes later. "God damn it!" I whispered as I got up to take them to their bedrooms. "I got Ken," he smiled as he picked her up. I grabbed Log causing him to stir a bit. When I came out of his room, Harry was waiting in the hallway with a smile. "So when do I get my cake?" he asked with a smirk. "Tomorrow," I replied walking to Court and Lou's room. Don't worry guys! Court said I could stay there. "Why tomorrow?" he whined as he followed close on my heels. "'Cause I don't feel like making anything right now," I sighed as I shut and locked the door. I walked to the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth. While I was in the middle of brushing my teeth, I heard the door open. I knew it was Harry, I'm not as stupid as I look. When I looked in the mirror after I spit in the sink, I saw Harry standing behind me. "Can I help you?" I asked as I wiped my mouth. "Just looking at an angel," he smiled causing me to blush. "You're cute when you blush," he laughed. "I bet. Now get out so I can change," I said as I tried to push him out of the bathroom but he didn't budge. "You didn't say the magic sentence," he smiled. "Well I don't know it." "Say 'Harry Styles is the hottest guy that I know' and I'll move." "Fineee. Harry Styles is the hottest guy I know," I sighed. "Can you say that a little louder?" he asked. "Harry Styles is the hottest guy that I know," I said a bit louder. "Thank you Sierra," he smiled as he walked out of the room. I rolled my eyes as I closed the door and got changed into a pair of short shorts and a tank top. Harry was spread out on the bed when I came out. He quickly sat up when he saw me. "Well I'm gonna sleep in the living room.....Goodnight love," he quickly said as he ran out of the room. Awee Harold has a crush on meee. Soo sweet. 

     My phone snapping out of my thoughts. "Heyy hoe!" I answered. "Heyy whore!" Court cheerfully replied. "How's paradise?" I asked.  "Nice. We have our own little beach house with a private beach." "I hate you!" I giggled. "Date a member of a boy band and you can get whatever you want," she laughed. "Speaking of a boy band member...." "What did Kendall do this time," she sighed. "It's not him..It's Harry," I whispered. "What about him?" "I.....I think he likes me!" I yelled in a whisper. "Noo!" she gasped. "Yes! I came out of your bathroom while he was lying on the bed then he ran out like it was on fire when he saw me," I explained in a whisper. "What the hell where you wearing?" she asked. "What I usually wear; short shorts and a tank top." "Really Sierra?" she said it as if that was one of the worst things to do. "Yeahh." "Ask him out!" "Woahhhh what?!" "Ask. Him. Out," she repeated slowly. "You know I'm not good at this shiz!" I said kinda loudly. "Well you better practice 'cause he's going be there soon," she said. "Courtney!" I whined before Harry knocked on the door. "Is everything alright in there?" he asked. "Well would you look at the time!" Courtney said in a weird tone before she hung up. Harry knocked again. "Sierra?" "Yeah?" I asked trying to sound sleepy. "You alright?" he asked. My phone vibrated and it was a text from Court. 'Dont chicken out!' Words of wisdom by Courtney Shirley.

     I sighed as I got up then walked to the door. "Yeah I'm fine." "Well you don't look like it. Wanna talk about it?" To be honest with you, he looked like he genuinely cared about my problem. "Yeah." I moved out of his way then he sat on the bed.  I just stood where I was like a stone until Harry patted on a spot on the bed next to him. I walked slowly walked to him and sat next to him. "So what seems to be the problem love," asked wrapping his arm around my shoulders. "Well, I really like this guy but I'm too shy to ask him out." "Just ask him love!" he laughed. "But I don't know if he likes me." "Who wouldn't like you? You are the most beautiful girl I know." "That's not what guys back home say," I sigh, holding back tears. They would always make fun of my nose. According to them, it was bigger and flatter than other people's. "Don't listen to those dickhead," he said. He gently put his fingers under my chin then lifted my head up so I was looking him in the eyes. "You are the most sweetest girl I knew that know and the most beautiful. I may not have known you long but I...I wanna go out with you."  What do I say? I would have texted Court and asked her what to do but I didn't want to seem rude. I just nodded with a smile. He gave me a hug. "This doesn't mean that you get out of that cake," he whispered with a hint of laughter. We stayed in each other's arms for a couple more seconds before he let go. "Well I'll let you get your sleep," he said as he got up but I quickly grabbed his wrist. "You can stay here if you want," I smiled. He got up then walked to the other side. "Night Sierra," he whispered. "Night Harry," I smiled before I kissed his forehead. My eyes fluttered shut and I fell asleep on a perfect day. :)

A/N: Awwweee!! What do you think of Harry and Sierra as a couple? Will Sierra move out to England or will Harry move to South Carolina? Who knowssss.... haha.

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