Long Story Short

Having to be abused by her father, Dominique Robinson Runs away and finds her true love. This Mystery boy let her in his house so he can protect her but he is bipolar and has ADHD. Will he start abusing her?


4. The Letter

So, in the end I ended up cussing her out. Harry looked very....startled.So I grabbed my book bag and walked out. I spent 1 hour trying to find a hotel. Good thing my dad won the lottery. He won $100,000. I'm in good luck. The room cost $62.00.Did I say dollars? I meant Euros.Wow I love England. That's why I told my mom to move here. When we first got here, she died. She got hit by a truck. I still talk to her every night. Oh! Back on subject. Sorry mom. The hotel  room was huge!! I saw a sheet of paper taped to my bag. "Once you find a place to stay, call me. I put a phone in your bag. My number is in the phone .



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