Long Story Short

Having to be abused by her father, Dominique Robinson Runs away and finds her true love. This Mystery boy let her in his house so he can protect her but he is bipolar and has ADHD. Will he start abusing her?


2. The boy

 Dominique's journal

Day 2

I was running so fast that when I stopped it felt like my heart ripped out of my skin and ran away. I ended in very nice neighbor so I knocked on some stranger's door. When the door opened I saw the worlds hottest man. He had curly hair, a perfect smile (and juicy lips)  and beautiful green eyes. "Uh hi." "Hi" I stood there smiling at him for 15 seconds when he said "Do you need something from me or what?" Me and him giggled for a while. " I know a lot of people don't show up to people's doors and ask them if they can stay over but can I?" I stood there with my puppy dog face. "Where's your family?" he asked. He looked very concerned about me. I stood there for a while and after a couple of seconds, tears roll down my face."O h my gosh. I know it was something I said. Please come in." YES!!

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