Long Story Short

Having to be abused by her father, Dominique Robinson Runs away and finds her true love. This Mystery boy let her in his house so he can protect her but he is bipolar and has ADHD. Will he start abusing her?


3. Day 2. And Then There Was His Mum.

I walked in the house putting my book bag down and tripping over...a cat. " Hey Dusty.You pretty boy." He  said holding the cat. " I so forgot. Whats you name?" I said looking into he eyes. " Harry. Harry Styles." " Harry?!Time for-. Well who is this?" some woman said. " Oh. Well, mum this is Dominique Robinson."Harry said lookin all cute. Oh so its his mum. She looked very rude. About 17 seconds later she hit my with the pot. OWW! 

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