How I Got a Life

Julie isn't exactly Miss Popularity. (Now act shocked) so she does her best to be awesome in middle school.


2. Chapter Two

My school is divided by sports. Tables seemed to be set up for all of the different sports teams. Football, soccer, basket ball, baseball, cheerleading, lacrosse, softball, the options seemed endless. When I walked into the lunch room, Gracie was handing out flyers for the girls lacrosse team. She even handed one to me.

"Don't worry, I know even if you wanted to play, you couldn't drag your fat butt out on the field."

"Yeah? Okay. I think all that eyeshadow your wearing might make slow ya down, not to mention the fact that it makes you look fake." she smirked and pushed me forward. I am so doing lacrosse this year, even if it meant I would have to spend time with Gracie.

"Hey, Julie!" Huh, that's funny, I thought I just heard someone call my name.

"Julie! Come sit with us!" I looked to see Natalie and the other girls who play lacrosse motioning me over.

"Ummm, are you talking to me?"

"Of course we are!"


"Because we think that you can bring our team to the champion ships this year!"

"Me? No no no, I think your making a mistake."

"The reason we lost last year is because of Gracie, but if you join, not only will you contribute to the team, but Gracie will be so consumed with beating you that she will crash and burn." I sit down next to Liz, one of the goalies. Me and her mainly talk.

"You live at the corner of Shell Rd and Eighth street, right?"


"Good, then me and you can practice after school!"

"But I don't have a stick."

"My older sister went to collage and left all of her old lacrosse stuff at our place. You can have it!"

"Really? That's so nice!"

"She wanted me to give it to a new member, she wants us to win big as much as I do." And it was set. I would be going over to Liz's house after school to practice. 

After I got there, I was greeted by a purple lacrosse stick and other equipment. She showed me the basics, and then we had a mini game. I actually won, and Liz wasn't letting me off easy either. I walked back home as the sun was setting, weighed down by equipment. I became aware of footsteps behind me.

"Hey." Cody.

"Hey Cody."

"I'm guessing your going out for lacrosse?"


"That's cool."

"What? Think that football is better?"

"No, I'm just saying that boys are better than girls at football."

"Yeah, right." he smirked.

"How about I get some of my friends to play a little? Between you and me."

"Alright." and we set up a little game at the park.

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