How I Got a Life

Julie isn't exactly Miss Popularity. (Now act shocked) so she does her best to be awesome in middle school.


1. Chapter One

I woke up fifteen minutes before my alarm clock as usual. Swung my legs to the side of my bed and got dressed quickly. It was the tenth of October, so I threw on some jeans and a t-shirt.

I got downstairs and started pouring some cereal and orange juice.

"Morning Jannie!" I chirped to my half asleep older sister. I don't even know we are related. She has blonde wavy hair and ocean blue eyes. I have red curly hair and green eyes. I am a major morning person and she falls asleep in her cereal.

"Are you gonna ask Keith out?" I expertly dodged the pink fluffy slipper that was thrown at my head. Our little sister, Jody walked in, half asleep. She was a mix of me and Jannie. Red, wavy hair. Teal eyes, not a morning person. 

"Morning Julie." she mumbled. I was in sixth grade, Jannie in ninth grade, and Jody was four. I wasn't Miss Popularity, (Now act shocked) that is my "best friend" Gracie's job. She has blonde hair and brown eyes. Athletic, cheerleader, smart, and every guy's dream girl. But the thing is, she talks to me like we are best friends, but she gives little "tips" on how not to look like a guy. Just because she has designer clothes. I pledged to be better than Gracie, and to possibly make friends who don't treat me like a servant.

I got to the bus stop early, and when the bus pulled up I plopped down next to Gracie.

"What have I told you about plopping?"

"That it looks boyish and I should stop."

"Right now- oh my gosh, OHMYGOSH!"

"What?" she gives me a nasty look.

"Ummm, hello, CODY FREAKING MILLERS just got off the injured list and is coming back to school today!" Cody Millers. Blonde hair, puppy dog brown eyes, football player, and his ankle healed from a car accident and he is coming back to school.

"Okay, and?"

"Well unlike disgusting tomboys such as yourself, I actually have a life and like someone! But you wouldn't understand."

"Maybe I do understand you ugly b****."

"What did you just say?"

"Maybe I have feelings, and a heart. You know, those things that you don't have or care about?"

"Well screw you!" and I am shoved off of the seat and into the isle. Stumbling to the front of the bus, I sat down in an empty seat. Cody Millers stop. You could hear the gears turning in Gracie's blonde head trying to find pickup lines from every romance novel that has been pressed into her mind. I turn around to see her beaming, acting like she said something hilarious to get Cody to sit down next to her. 'Screw it.' I thought to myself. I sorta liked him, but what are the odds he will sit next to me when Gracie is on the same bus. I just keep my head facing the window. 

I feel someone plop in the seat next to me.

"Hey, you okay?"

"Yeah, sorta." I recognized that voice as Cody Miller. The whole bus stopped and froze the second his butt sat down next to mine.

"Really, what's wrong?" I guess I could derail Gracie from the love train.

"Gracie being the jerk she is."

"Yeah, I guess that's Gracie for ya." I turn around to face him, looking into those deep brown eyes. He actually thought of Gracie the same way I did. We smiled in unison and I turned around to see Gracie's mouth wide open.

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