Joe, a young boy living on the streets of Brazil is paid a handsome amount of cash to deliver a message. But Joe soon discovers this is no ordinary message. This is a vendetta.


1. Southside

Joe woke up, slowly lifting his dreamy eyes. He soon realised he was wrapped up in cardboard.

'Last night's scavenging paid off.' he thought to him self.

Although he never saw a reflection of himself, Joe realised he needed to get new clothes. He looked down. His torn and dirty red t-shirt was no use to him any more. His shoes were falling apart too. He poked this toe out through a hole in the leather and gave a deep sigh.  

He got up, his bones screeching and crying to him. His body wanting the warmth of the cardboard.  He ground through the agonizing pain. He managed to move his leg one step, before realising he wasn't home. He suddenly turned around. It wasn't the dentists house. It was an deserted alley. Looking to his left, there were no cars, or no people. He glanced to his right, and found nothing but a dead end.

He looked at the cardboard. He gazed up. Not the same building he fell asleep under either. 

He gazed into the distance. He looked at Brazil from behind the metal barrier on the edge of the road.

"Oh no" he gasped "I'm in Southside."

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