Joe, a young boy living on the streets of Brazil is paid a handsome amount of cash to deliver a message. But Joe soon discovers this is no ordinary message. This is a vendetta.


2. Block 6549

Let's just introduce ourselves to Joe. He was born in Brazil and he lived there for 12 years. His family were poor, and after both his parents died when he was just seven in a landslide, out scavenging for food.

He lived under block 6549 in the Northern area of the city. This was the poor part of the 'Breakers District' (known for lots of casinos that usually scammed you).

Let's go on a bit to last night.

We're not really going to look at it from his perspective, but we'll just give a quick overview.

Joe, after a long night of scavenging in the backs of casinos came back with a few layers of cardboard. He wrapped him self up, sat down and fell asleep.

That's all we know.

For now. 

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