Over again

This is a story about Alice, not one of the best behaved students in the school but, will devastating things make her change her life around.
Her Mum doesn't know about her life at school, but will she find out? Alice has had a rough start in life but everyone thinks it's to late for her to turn it around.
Please read, the story is way better that the blurb.....


1. Were it all goes wrong


"Get out!"

"Why what have I done this time?" Getting the blame for something I haven't done once again.

"Alice you wanna tell me why, one your not in uniform and two why you have been reported for bunking English once again"

"Oh I dunno Sir you tell me" Ok so maybe that was true but no one needed to know that.

"Alice I'm going to have to call your Mum in about this"

"Sir you can't please, I have enough grief as it is at home please" you see my family life isn't great I hardly ever see my Mum and when I do it's only auguring, when I leave in the morning I am in trousers and my hair is tyed up. As soon as I get to my friends I get changed and take the wig of, I put my tight pencil skirt on and let my black and blue hair flow down, I apply my eye liner, mascara and lipstick before we drive to school.

My teachers had given up with me, before they noticed that I really did need help. I have gotten into a bit of troble through my time in high school, lets see I smoke, hang round with the wrong people bunk. I don't think I need to go on.

"Alice come to my office" We took a walk to his office it was quite and awkward. I stepped in and I saw my best friend sitting there, tears in her eyes before she grabbed me into a big hug.

"Hey Sarah whats up?"

"Alice I think you need to sit down" Mr Smith's tone had now turned into a calm tone. Swirly seat whooo!

"Alice we have some bad new's for you, Ella your friend has been taken int hospital" He took a long pause before taking again.

"She got into some trouble with some people and she's been stabbed" I knew exactly who it was, I looked back at Sarah while she shook her head at me, she knew what I was gonna do.

I slowelly stood up before bolting for the door and into my car, I drove all the way to the hospital only to be meet out side by Ella's Mum, Jane.

"OMG thank god your here, she's been asking for you"

We ran through the corridors and when we got to her room there were a load of doctors stood around her room, the monitor was going mad all the beeping.

"What's going on here?"

"Can you get them out please" Everything from then on was rushed we were taken into a room where, tears were not only running down my face but were also causing my makeup to run.

"Hello there Miss Rendel, do you mind if her friend hears?" Jane only shook her head.

"Right well, you daughter, had a fit we're looking into why but we need to take her to surgery now! There could be some serious damage" Before the nurse could take any question she walked away and before we knew it she was being taken away.

While my brian was still taking all this in Jane crashed to the floor, I bent down and hugged her, in a way she was kinda like a second Mum to me.

"Alice there you are" Mr Smith and Sarah were both stood at the door.

"Alice, we need to get you back to the school now." How could that man come and say that it's hardly the time to say that I need to go back to frigging school.

"I'm not leaving, how can you expect me to leave when my best friend could DIE!"

"Alice we understand that your upset but we need to know that your safe" Jane had now managed to get up, she had no energy to object she just managed to get out.

"You should go, I need to know that some one is safe" I grabbed my bag, before giving her a hug and walking out with Smith and Sarah closely followed.

"Don't do anything stupid, I know you Alice" I should probably listen but that's not me. As soon as we turned the corner and I was ahead of them I ran straight to the car hoped in and drove. I went back to the place when I first realised what losing hope and love was like.

The place where I lost my stepdad, he was like my real Dad but he went to the wrong place at the wrong time, he was 33 years old and his life was taken from him. He was the most amazing person, yeah he had, had a very bad life before and he had been in prison and all that but no mater what happened we had all moved on.

We had, had a memorial plate put up and every year we put flowers there, I can't lose someone else. I have to make sure she get's though this. The ground I was sat on started to get cold and it was getting late, there is still half a day left of school but if I get back now then hopefully I can get away with it.

While I was driving back to school a song that really related to this day came on- Come Back - Jessica Garlick

I sung along while a few tears rolled down my face. I pulled up into the school grounds only to receive a strange looks, before they realised who I was.

I walked staright into the school and into Mr David's class room. His gaze moved over to the door.

"Hi there Alice come and take a seat"

"Where did you go, Mr Smith told me everything?"

"I went to Plunge road" that was the road name of where my step dad lost his life.

"Alice, do you want me to get Sarah, she's in with Mr Smith" I nooded my head and of he went. i pulled out my mirror from my bag and took a look at my self.

"Oh now I see why I was getting strange looks" Did I actually talk to my self. I had eye liner and mascara down my face and my eye's were red and puffy.

"Alice omg thank god your safe, don't ever do that to me again ok?"

"Yeah alright Sarah" We hugged, before I told her where I had been.

Mr David was the first person I actually opened up about my step dad about, he knew him outside of being my step dad so what I told him he could relate to. We have a close student teacher relationship and I told him everything, stuff I can't even tell my Mum.

"Alice you can't just go of like that, no matter what the reason. You must at least tell us"

"Yeah but you just don't get it, I can't lose my friend. and for starters you come and tell me that I have to leave and then you expect me to be ok with it"

He just turned round and walked out.

I carried on talking to Sarah and Mr David. Then it was of to class.

"Oh yo, Alice I need to tell you something"

"Yeah what is it Max?"

"Um well there were two Young ish lads waiting for you outside, they said that you would know who they were if I said Dog-hound and Buster" before he could finish I ran through the corridor and out into the car park to find, Mark and Jay sat on my car.

"Yo Mark" I gave them both big hugs before joining them on my car.

"So um we heard about Ella"

"How did you two hear?" They knew her to but no one else had been told

"We know some people who heard about it, so how you coping?"

"Yeah I'll be fine thanks, what are you two doing here tho I'm gonna get told of for being out here?" They don't go to school as there now in college.

"We though we would ask you to come along and look at some flats with us as you know I need a girls opinion on somethings"

"yeah that will be great but meet me out here after school I gotta go into class now, boff job I am" I hugged them before taking a very hesitated walk to Maths, I was good at maths but I just couldn't be arsed with it all.

All lesson them buying a house played on my mind, I just think one it's very weired that they asked me to come along but second that they are even buying a flat.

The lesson to me seemed to drag on even though I finished the work half way through and was sat on my phone the rest of the time, I told Jane that I would come and stay with her for a couple of night help her out a bit and then go and see her with her to.

'Ring, Ring, Ring' finally the end of school.

The boys being boys were sat on my car chatting up some girls, but I didn't really mind the're always doing it so it's ok.

"Hey lads, ready?"

"Yep, sorry ladies we gotta go" when they realised who they were with they sorta looked back at each other as in to say 'we were actually talking to her mates'

After getting them into the car I could fnally ask them the question.

"Why are you buying a flat?"

"Um well because we need a place to stay and it will give you a place to crash too"

"Guys that's so kind but your not just doing it because of that are you, what is it?" I can always tell when there lying.

"well, we know how stress full your life is and we love you and hate seeing you like that, plus the fact this way when we go clubbin we can bring more birds back"

"Guys that's so kind and I ove you to, and I though birds mght be in there somewhere"

We viewed a few flats but we only really saw one that we all liked, it was near my school, their college and the town centre. It had 4 bed rooms, a big dining room, lounge, kitchen 3 on seat bathrooms and one separate one and then you also had a games room: and surprisingly it wasn't really expensive something that we could all afford.

My Mum was at work again till late agin tonight so I went to the hospital to see Ella.

"Hey Jane, I'm sorry about earlier with the teachers"

"No it's fine did you stay out of trouble?" I suppose I did, I just ran of from the teachers.

"Yeah I did, I jest went to plunge road, instead straight to school"

"yes I heard"

We stayed until about 12 and then we decided that we should go because other wise were gonna get tired and ill and that's the last thing we need to happen.

Luckily we didn't have school tomorrow, which meant not only can I go and get changed and everything but I can also go and see Ella, hopefully by then she will be awake.

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