Over again

This is a story about Alice, not one of the best behaved students in the school but, will devastating things make her change her life around.
Her Mum doesn't know about her life at school, but will she find out? Alice has had a rough start in life but everyone thinks it's to late for her to turn it around.
Please read, the story is way better that the blurb.....


6. I never knew you felt this way

I woke up the next morning feeling brighter and ready for anything. Jay was asleep in the chair, I take it, it was Mark who went home last night leaving Jay here.

I pulled my self up so I was not sitting up. Jay looked so peaceful just sleeping. But I had to wake him up I wanted to leave.


“Huh? Ohh Alice your awake”

“Jay I want to leave”

“What do you mean you want to leave” I though about it, what did I actually mean by me saying I want to leave?

“I want to move, I’m going to Australia” Random yes but it’s far away from here, a new start and all.

“You what?”

“I want to move to Australia, I want a new start” it all makes sense now, I had to get away start my life again. Its drastic yes, but it will be a whole new challenge; I can meet new people and start my life again.

“But, surly you want to think about it before you make a decision like that. Alice let’s go home and think about it a bit.”

“Jay if I think about it then I’ll change my mind, I need to go. I have all the money, all my saving. It will buy me a flight and then I’ll go from there.” He looked at the floor before standing up.

“Let’s get you home and book the flight then.” He passed me my clothes and walked out, I really didn’t want to leave him, I love Jay and Mike and leaving them would tear me apart. Oh god I have to tell Jane that I’m leaving.

I began getting dressed; Jay’s phone was left on the chair he had been sleeping on. He hadn’t locked it so I managed to look at what had just come through.

‘Mike 1 new message’

‘You need to tell her, you never know she may feel the same way. Listen I’ll see you when you get back. Later mate’

None of that made sense, I scrolled up to last night-----

The Messages-

J- ‘I can’t believe this has happened, she doesn’t deserve any of this’

M- ‘No I agree mate, do you still like her?’

J-‘Well, yeah I think so. I dunno mate, I want to ask her out but it might ruin our friendship.’

M-‘Mate, you’ll never know if she likes you back or not if you don’t ask her. Put it this way, I know she likes someone we went out with last month. She was texting her mate saying how cute she thinks they are. You never know she may have been on about you.’

J-‘Yeah maybe, I dunno I’ll see about it’

M- ‘You need to tell her, you never know she may feel the same way. Listen I’ll see you when you get back. Later mate’

I finished getting ready, is that why he was so upset that I wanted to move to Australia? I mean I did fancy him last week, but I haven’t really though about it since then; I’ve had so much on my mind I haven’t had time.

I saw Jay walking towards the door, so I placed it back on the chair. I got all my belongings together and sat on the edge of the bed.

“All ready?” Jay asked walking towards the chair.

“Yeah, lets get going” I grabbed my bag as we headed for the door.

“Ohh, Jay did you pick up your phone? You left it on the chair” He shook his head and hurried back to the chair. We walked silently down to where his car was parked.

Getting into the car I was desperate to break the silence, I didn’t want it getting to awkward.

“Hey Jay, I saw the messages on your phone”

“Ohhh, you saw them?” He didn’t turn the engine on or anything he just sat there staring out the front of the window.

 “Yeah, and Jay you should have told me you felt like that.”

“Yeah but I was scared that you might not feel the same and our friendship would be ruined” Still staring out the window I had the urge to kiss him. So well I did.

The kiss set of fireworks all the feelings that had disappeared suddenly came back. The kiss meant so much; I suddenly knew that he was the one.

“Wow, I umm”

“Jay I’ve always liked you.”

“Really? Wow, so did that kiss mean anything?” I wanted to tell him, but I couldn’t. So instead I just nodded.

He turned the engine on and started driving. For the first couple of minutes it was silent.

“So um Jay, can I ask you something?”

“Yeah course you can Alice”

“Are we umm, are we going out?” I needed to know, we kissed it didn’t mean to say we were now going out.

“Well I was um going to ask you in a better way, but I suppose yeah we are..... But only if you want to” Thoughts ran through my mind, I didn’t know what to do or what to say. So I went with my heart.

“Yes I will”

“Well then it looks like were official. But what about this moving to Australia?”

“Well Jay that’s another thing I need to talk to you about.............”

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