Over again

This is a story about Alice, not one of the best behaved students in the school but, will devastating things make her change her life around.
Her Mum doesn't know about her life at school, but will she find out? Alice has had a rough start in life but everyone thinks it's to late for her to turn it around.
Please read, the story is way better that the blurb.....


7. How to tell your friend you're leaving

I had been out of the hospital two days now, Ella's funeral was in a couple of hours. I hadn't seen Jane since I left her the other day. The boys had gone to my Mum's and moved everything out. From the looks of things she hasn't been back since.

I routed through my wardrobe trying to find something to wear, I finally picked out a black dress which had a little blue hem at the bottom. I slipped on some thick black tights covering up all the bandages on my legs. They were still saw, but there was nothing I could do about it. I put some light waterproof makeup on and let my hair fall loosely, pinning a bit out of my face. I popped some small healed shoes on and made my way to the kitchen. The boys had been invited to go and they were both in their suites. I was walking on crutches outside of the house, but in the nurse I was able to walk around with out them. 

"You ready?" I nodded and they offered me their arms to help me to the lift. Their car wasn't too far away so I didn't really have to use the crutches. They were dropping me off at Jane's and were going to meet us there.

Jane saw me walk up her path with my crutches and her face turned to worried, "Alice, what happened to you?" I explained everything to her and she told me that she had always had suspicions about her. We didn't have to wait long for the Hurst to arrive, we got into the limo and drove to the church. We got out the car and watched the coffin get carried in. We finally took our seats, while the priest spoke the memories from My stepdad's funeral came back. I stood in the same stop and watched the coffin go down, I knew then that my life would never be the same. 

He stopped speaking and asked us to stand, her coffin went down and my sight went blurry. This was the final goodbye, I had lost my friend but I knew that she wouldn't want me grieving everyday.

After the whole wake and everything I said that I was going to go back to Mike and Jay's, I got the laptop and told them I wanted a early night. With us all in our rooms I logged on and checked out flights to Australia, I had the money I needed and there was an apartment that wasn't that expensive. I didn't know what to do, did I want to do this and start again or was I strong enough to pull myself through it?

----Next morning------

"Morning Alice, your up early" Mark sat down at the table and I handed him a cooked breakfast. "Wow, thanks?" I grabbed mine and sat down opposite him, we both started to tuck in. "I'm moving to Australia" He started to cough on his bacon and his eyes were really big "You're what?" I finished my mouthful "I bought the tickets last night, I leave on Friday" I couldn't bare to look at him "So you've given us 3 days?" I could feel the guilt rising. I stood up and walked to my room, I could hear Mark's footsteps following me "How can you do this to us? You didn't even talk it through" I turned round to face him "Since when do I have to clear things with you? Your my friend you should support me" His face was full of hurt and anger "And how are you going to tell Jay?" I heard the door slam and Jay appeared "Tell me what?"

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